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Rose Spirit Medicine

Healing power within

Online Course 



- Soulhealing through the

wisdom of flowers

This course is now closed for online-enrollment, but if you want to join the course, you can contact me here:

You will then be able to buy the book, the cards and get the rest of the course on e-mail:-)


"If you ask me "What is a flower?"

I would without any hesitation answer: "Pure, magical, healing love!"

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

This is a 10-weeks course created from my heart to yours. It is a self-paced-course that takes you on an adventure into the magical Plantkingdom, the Spiritworld and into Your own sacred Soulscape. This course is Module 1 in a series of 5 modules to become a "Sacred Flower Spirit Medicinkeeper". But you can also take it as a "stand-alone-course."

My wish for you through this course, is that you will get to know yourself better and fall in love with both yourself and our divine Mother Earth Gaia, through the wisdom of flowers.

I have chosen 9 beautiful, sacred flowers and flower-spirits that I have channeled and journeyed with, to share with you, so you can get to know some of their spirit-medicine and use them on your own healing-journey towards wholeness, happiness, inner peace and childlike love for yourself and your surroundings.

The course will be going over 10 weeks, and you will get to deepen your connection with a new flower-spirit/the flowerspirit-wisdom every week for 9 weeks. We turn into plant time. We dont rush. Healing takes time. It takes time to integrate. To become whole. It takes time to remember the forgotten language of plants. Magic happens when we are patient and present and open ourselves up to new realities, new friendships and dare to reflect and be curious. Life has so much mysterious wisdom to offer! Be a lifelong student of nature. And your own nature. Which -of course-is closely linked;-)

Remember - this course is self-paced, so use your time, and it is also important to say that it is not a therapeutic-session where I heal you or are doing therapy with you. This is a sacred bonding between you and the flowers, a journey for you to start communicating and listen to the wisdom of flowers and how they can touch your soul if you let them in. You work with this course on your own, together with the flower-spirits, but you can of course email me during the course if you dont understand the assignments. There are also a space for comments on the course-platform if you want to share your journey with other participants.

Return to love. Be the miracle that you are.

Let the wisdom of flowers make you blossom into life.


May your healing-journey be magical, authentic and blessed!

Magic, flowerpower love and Light

Lene Rose