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Musings, poems, pictures and reflections

Love The Day

From my sacred ancient Lemurian mermaid heart to yours; Happy Valentines Day<3

I hope you celebrate love today and all the rest of your days.

Never forget that everything and everyone longs to be loved, so if you dont have "a special someone" to celebrate love with, remember that this day is not just for lovers as in a romantic relationship; Celebrate your love for your pet, your children, your parents, your grandparents, someone you love who has gone to the spiritrealm, your friends, your colleagues, your love for nature, for Mother Earth, for being alive, for surviving hardship, or just celebrate yourself for being exactly you.

May your day and night be blessed and filled with angelic warm embrace.

Here is my Valentine-playlist in case you should need one....:

The most beautiful thought - Forest Blakk

Mama - Sam Garrett & Mollie Mendoza

Rose - Ayla Schafer

Love is just a word - Jasmine Thompson & Calum Scott

Its always been you - Phil Wickham

Soul Mate - Flora Cash

Only you can love me this way - Keith Urban

Amazing Grace (ft Alex Boye) - The five strings

We found Love - Lindsey Stirling

Mother Earth - Karliene

Truth On The Table

Do you fight for the sake of the fight?

To force others to believe in 

what you think is right?

Do you even know the true cause 

of you fighting this hard?

Or do you do you take a stand for the light?

Remember this truth always; 

The light in you 

can be lit to the rface by others.

IF you ALLOW them.

Like the fight in you 

can be lit to the surface by others.

IF you ALLOW them.

Sometimes we get so absorbed into the fight,

the rivalry and separation,

the hate, anger, evil and bitterness,

that we dont leave space and time to feel into

what is our OWN truth, our PERSONAL stand, 

our AUTHENTIC values.

Why we are here in the first place.... 

And what our true medicines to the world are.

We just hunger so deeply 

for being loved, liked, "respected", supported 

and get a sense of belonging,

even if it's not a real, solid, authentic,

trustworthy or healthy 

tribe we are joining.

Just make sure 

that if someone light a fight in you,

that it is also your fight, your fighting,

and not just theirs; 

letting them misuse your abilities, powers, 

wisdom and trust,

and when their outer war is over,

leave you alone shattered and broken 

in the ashes of that hellfire

to deal with an even vaster inner war 

by yourself.

Until you are torn apart with regrets, pain 

and haunted past flashlights

and have to put your heart together again. 

Piece by piece.

The Greater Cause introduced to you,

may not always be as great 

as they want you to believe

when all of the cards are on the table, 

the whole truth is revealed …

It might sadly even be 

A Greater Cost 

than you ever feared possible.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

"I would rather be the last leaf 

on the frozen branch,

or the very first

peeking out,

daring the winter

to tell me


Tyler Knott Gregson

Natures lifegiving medicine and booster

This picture, and the remembrance of the day I shot it, fills me with so much joy, hope, lifeforce, magic, peace and awe. I feel so speechlessly grateful for these two sacred spirits; the sun and the woods/trees, that keep me alive and ignite my lifeforce over and over again. Every day I clear some time and space to sit in gratitude for them and tune into their essence, soul and frequency, showing them my love and that there is never a day that goes by where I take them for granted. They are so insane precious to my heart, lungs, health and life, that it makes my heart burst and bring me to tears every time I think about the treasure of being gifted their medicine without them demanding a single paycheck or fee for the job in return. Being non stop freely injected with their sacred power and lifegiving humble medicine daily, is to me one of the greatest gifts of all. Their efficiency has never been a shot in the dark, and their ability to give and maintain life has been proven since the beginning of life as we know it.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

The Fruitful Void

I rest in the vast depths of the Universe.

It is safe there.

It cares.

For many people it is just a void

they try to avoid.

A never ending darkness of confusion.

For me, it is a safe home

of wisdom, healing and deep understanding.

I find myself there.

Over and over again.

Smiling in gratitude and peace.

Loved and embraced.

Seen, respected and supported.

You see,

void is so empty that it seems full

and so full that it feels empty.

All the mysteries and secrets of the Universe 

dwells here.

And you can get access to go beyond 

the veils between the worlds,

see through peoples illusions, lies and disguises.

You can leave when you are ready

and come back when you need clarity.

Do not avoid void.

It might surprise you

how fruitful it is there,

if you trust the process of your unconsciousness 

coming to surface

to fill the gaps of confusion.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Walk Of  Shame


Honestly, I have never understood the concept of  "I am here (in life/on Earth...) for the drama!", "Oooh, spill the tea, girl, I am here for it!!!!"..... Personally  am I here for love, healing, truth and peace... Do I succeed in that all the time? No. But I do think there is a huge difference between trying your best and failing, learning from it, apologizing, evolve and do it BETTER the next time, instead of actively tracing down the drama, feeding on it and feeding it to others and make it blow out of proportions.

 They say that you become what you eat/feed yourself with. So if you feed yourself with drama, gossip, other peoples crisis, misery and trauma as amusement, well, the odds is high that you yourself become the center of the drama eventually. Is that your purpose in life? To find satisfaction in drama, gossip and misery? I promise you, if that is what most of you are here for, we will never stand a chance to achieve balance, harmony, unity and peace in this world. 

Are you willing to let go of the drama as your main power-source? And find something more nourishing, lifegiving to feed on? Like love? Like light? Like peace? Like healing? Or something down that alley? But what is the fun in that? You might ask. Seriously? If you truly deeply mean that your sincere happiness and survival in life depends on other peoples drama, crises, fear and gossip, you should get a comprehensive health check!!! I really mean that! Because I promise you, that is not a healthy diet or a healthy source of "happiness" in the long run. Not for our society, not for you and certainly not for the party in the other end of the drama. 

In case you forgot, there is always a least one human being, a persons precious life, that is in the attention of the drama and gossip; might be a break up, body-shame, divorce, infidelity, poverty, violence, abuse, fire, family-trouble, heart break, loss, sickness, even deep trauma, death and suicide.... You do not know the full story, and you certainly do not know what is building up inside that persons heart, soul and psyche during any kind of crisis. Have respect for that.

If you are one of those feeding on other peoples misery, well, you came to the right time into this world; There has never been a time where people are making more easy money, power and fame on behalf of other peoples shattered and destroyed lives. To me that is just sickening and more contagious, evil, life-limiting and soul killing than any virus or bacteria I ever met on my lifes journey.

 Does this mean that we are not allowed to speak out and have an opinion about people, happenings and situations? No. Most of us have some kind of freedom of speech in our countries. But as they say, according to HUMANS, the human race have a well developed brain, and I think each of us owe it to our own brain, heart and soul, to think twice before we speak, flash/spill, attack and destroy other peoples personal stories/lives to feel powerful, high and "happy" in our own lives. 

Please stop the spread of this life-threatening sickness growing online and in our local communities. Ask yourself daily in the evening: Do I sincerely need drama in my life to live a happy, healthy life? Do other peoples drama, fear, weaknesses and misery truly make me feel good inside out and make me sleep good at night? What did my soul feed on today? Do I want this to be my main fuel in the future? And then sleep on it, and let go of the things that is not true for your true pure soul and energy-body during the night, and give yourself permission to let your body and soul heal the imbalance that is making you crave drama, gossip and separation, as you sleep. 

Over time you will feel a wonderful shift in your whole being. You know, you do not need a man made weapon to kill. Your words can sadly be enough. So use your words with integrity, respect and for healthy growth and healing. And I promise you, your life and your inner world will feel more sincere healthy, happy, colorful, authentic powerful and hopeful. 

Every step you take in life matters.

Step it up!

(Lene Rose Copyright)

The Wild Shaman Child

A child of the wild

was sent to trial

for worshipping

the natural, sacred cycle of life.

They drove her insane,

made her suffer

alone in agony, shock and shame,

until she was done

with their hunger game.

She rose from the ashes,

refused to become

a silenced heroine on their heroin,

and the eternal innocent saint

protecting their forever burning evil sin.

So she left

her captivity of modern society,

chose to become more wild and sane

than she had ever been ‘

outside the frame

blossoming from source within,

as the Sakura tree whispered her name.

Mother Nature

welcomed her back to the wild,

no doubt for sure;

full of love for her courageous child

her arms wide open

and a beating heart

empowered by her healing art.

The wind playing with her hair,

her lungs embraced by fresh air,

made the horror of their terror

eventually disappear

the soil hugged by her bare feet

so humble, raw and sweet,

and the true circle of life was complete.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

The Magic Of Autumn

Autumn Magic

has to me never been scary or tragic.

We harvest what we in Spring have sown,

what has sprouted, thrived and grown.

Mother Earths fertility gifts we celebrate,

before she goes into her hibernation state.

Flowers and leaves 

say farewell to the trees,

there is a buzzing-freeze 

from the bees.

Berries and fruits fall to the ground,

gracefully silent without a sound.

The Spirits of our Ancestors

are present more than ever,

encouraging us heavily

to get our skeletons out of the chamber;

To let go of everything 

that weigh our souls down,

so we don't in winter depression will drown.

So breathe out all your pain

with the comforting, clearing autumn wind;

Stop looking at your life

as a worthless, hollow sin.

Let yourself be embraced

by Autumn's colors and hospitality,

and you will inside out

radiate true, beautiful sanity.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

 A Worthy Outcome?

We are so busy

inventing and working

on fancy, materialistic, efficient solutions

for our lives,

that we never really

take the time

to pause, breathe and reflect upon

if the world and future 

we are working so hard to create

is a happier, healthier, more sustainable, 

collective magical and more peaceful one.

And if all our hard work 

do not result 

in any of those 5 important things,

and we in this hard core race  

also loses the pure love, genuine values 

and true connection to ourselves

and our beautiful planet,

what is the use of all our efforts?

Leave proud, fertile footprints  

in the soil

to follow and be inspired by.

Let your heritage 

be unique and sacred.

Help keeping the air 

breathable healthy, 

the ocean cosmic vibrant,

and make Mother Earth proud

of your earthly visit and existence<3

Allow yourself 

to be worthy 

of a worthy outcome.

A graceful endgame.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

A Sacred Day

If just for today, 

pause, breathe deep belly breaths 

and feel alive in every cell in your body. 

If just for today, 

take the time to smell a wildflower 

and feel childlike joyous for its existence. 

If just for today, 

listen to your own heartbeats 

and the true, genuine needs 

of your own body, heart  and soul. 

If just for today, 

help someone in need 

from a sincere place in your heart, 

light up the lonely, dark path for someone 

without expecting something back. 

If just for today, 

acknowledge the invisible: 

the spirits of light, peace and love, 

the lightworkers that has gone before you, 

showing the true gifts and healing 

of compassion and empathy 

and how they are still here in spirit, 

guarding your life, 

if you dare to invite them in. 

If just for today, 

sit with or lay yourself down on Mother Earth, 

feel her pulse emerge with your pulse, 

become her Nature 

through her freshly made oxygen through your lungs

and the magical rhythm of her pure wild soul 

through your spine, 

and feel true gratitude for her fertile soil, 

her foods, beauty, natural medicine, comfort and shelter, 

and be blown away over her immense love for you.

If just for today, 

allow yourself rest and healing, 

to see yourself as a Child of the Earth and the Stars 

birthed by the Great Mystery 

and feel yourself as a Magical Creation 

of deep meaning, truth, value and purpose. 

If just for today. 

Life loves you,

even when you do not love life.

Let this be a Sacred Day to remember.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Shadow Meadow

Our shadows of our past,

we work so hard to hold on and make them last.

Even if they are cruel,

we somehow prefer them as our fuel.

We are missing out on the present and tomorrow,

because we find safety and comfort in our deepest sorrow.

If we dare to release, breathe, be authentic and true,

it is never too late to start anew.....

You might feel all burdened down and blue,

but never forget about the camouflaged, hidden magic,

 power , lifeforce and joy that live dormant in you!

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

Seeds Of Change

There is something truly beautiful, magical, sacred and fulfilling with planting seeds.

To me it is almost like a meditation, a ceremony and/or an act of peace, being fully present and united with Nature and Mother Earth. To feel the gratitude and joy for contributing to create new life, being able to care for and see the little creature become stronger, more vital and evolve and transform into a new reality; from darkness (soil) sprouting up from the ground into the light towards the sun. It is really stunning to watch, if you think about it. All the information encoded into that little seed about its potential for the future, if it dares to come out of its shell and meet the world with courage and curiosity......

It is so symbolic in many ways for us humans to sow seeds; 

It is a beautiful thing to do if you want something to change in your life, if you are ready for transformation, if you long for new, vital energy in your body to flow, bloom and flourish, if you wish for a new beginning, if you want something to heal and grow in your life, if there is something in your unconsciousness wanting to sprout to surface or if you want to be a caretaker, an earthkeeper, help giving new life to the whole, to plant a seed of hope around you and in you........

Take a seed or more of your choice in your hand, breathe deep belly breaths, connect to the inner most essence of the seed from your heart. Feel how you are really from the same source, how closely connected you are, and send some true love and tenderness to the seed. Wish for something genuine good for the seed, yourself and the world, and with an sacred intention and sincere gratitude plant the seed in the soil, grounding and manifesting your dreams for the seed, yourself and the world.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Seed Blessing Ceremony

Nature Fix Matrix

Nature was never created for the purpose 

of hiding its truth, wisdom, true colors or soulful radiance 

behind man made filters, fillers or facades, 

or to fix something that is not broken. 

Nature was created to stand in the front line

as a warrior, protector, mentor, healer and Mother,

in deep sacred contrast to 

 the fake substitutes, filters and the lies,

and meant to greet the world every morning with wonder and magic, 

and new adventures of courage, bravery and growth, 

showing the world the real deal;

 Our roots and our organic inner evolution, 

the power of the raw wilderness, 

the beauty of natural authenticity and pure life force 

without interruption 

from something we are not.

Fake and filters, on the other hand, 

were never invented 

to be real, natural or truthful to its essence or original. 

They were invented to be a copy, an illusion, a facade 

or a manipulation of the original or the truth 

until we really believe it is the original and the truth. 

Sadly the well known power of the blue pill; 

It keeps you ill(usional) 

 without you understanding it, 

because there is so much addictive drama 

in that mind game you are feeding on 

that you can't stop participating 

in what you believe is life, 

when it's really just a play. 

It's not real. 

But you chose to make it your reality. 

You chose the blue pill, instead of the Blue Bell. 

Over and over again. 

Fake blues over True Blue. 

But if you truly dare to listen with your heart, 

I will tell you a beautiful secret;

The wild Blue Bell will sing your soul back home 

to the true existence and experience of life, 

where you will grow, heal, blossom and evolve, 

awake and whole, 

into the joy and freedom 

of your own wild and pure soul. 

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Wings Of Love

Thank you life

for gifting me 

with the transformation skills 

of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly;

To allow me over and over again, 

 to crawl around in the healing mud, 

in the grounding soil, 

in the nourishing compost,

and for as long as I need,

hiding away in the dark, 

in the shadows, 

in the forgotten corners of humanity,

embraced by Mother Earths 

true colors and compassion,

until I feel safe and ready 

to shred off my layers 

of old belief systems 

and indoctrinated limitations, 

starting to remember 

my sacred truth,

dissolving peaceful into void 

and rest there, 

trusting the process,

and start growing soul-wings 

and sore for the light, 

experience yet another evolution stage 

in this miraculous mystery of life.

(Lene Rose Copyright)


The Natural Art Of Nature

"Nothing in nature lives for itself.

The rivers do not drink their own water.

The trees do not eat their own fruit.

The sun does not shine on itself.

And the flowers 

do not spread their fragrance for themselves.


"Nature never asked for a man-made filter.

It just asked for being loved, appreciated, valued, respected

and seen for its natural beauty

and all the every day magic it provides us with.

That is why I can never put a filter over or photo-shop 

a picture of Nature;

It will take away the magic and the raw beauty 

in that sacred moment I was one with Nature,

and the petal of its soul Nature wanted me to see 

in how it showed itself to me."

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Brave Heart

Two year ago today, my best friend from earliest childhood died. 

Even though I am getting older in numbers, and people around me keep on leaving this realm so I constantly get a reminder that this life is fragile, our physical bodies are just for rent for a period of earthly time, and even though I truly, deeply believe in an afterlife/afterworld/spiritworld of love and light, it still hurts tremendously every time.

There is something truly sacred, deeply precious and sincere magical about our first friendships in life. We are so young, and we have our whole life ahead of us, experiencing and sharing an adventure together; growing up together, learning together, exploring the world together, dreaming about the future together, learning to show empathy, respect, compassion and love for a person outside our own blood family. It's a friendship that can transform you and your view on the world forever. They put a soft, feathery blueprint in your heart that never leaves, even if they leave for the afterlife.

He was truly the one who always had my back. And in spirit, still has. Who always defended me, protected me, stood up for me, encouraged me, toughened me up without letting me give up my vulnerability and soft spots, and loved me unconditionally for who I am. It is life's biggest treasure, that makes you the richest person alive if you are lucky enough to meet and to have such a person, soul and friend in your life.

If only for a while.

So after I got the heartbreaking message, I went to our childhood lake where we used to play. And I could hear his laughter and grounded, safe voice all over the place. The pink roses overflooded the fields, and the white clover as well, and the wind started blowing, making a beautiful angelic choir in the oak leaves above me, “the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind…” I could hear them sing, and I felt the calling of picking the clovers and the pink wild roses and make a heart in the windy grass;

To lay some creative, natural love into Mother Earth in gratitude for gifting my childhood with the best real and raw friend a girl could ask for. The wild roses symbolize authenticity, love and healing, and the white clovers carry the spirit medicine of daring to ask for help when in need, not carrying all the load alone on your shoulders and in your heart, and trust the divine love to guide you on your true, authentic healing path .

My love and tears go out to all of you who have lost someone precious in your life, who has touched your heart and soul with their persona and presence, and made you want to be the best version of yourself in this world. If you still remember them, honor and love them, miss them, cry over and for them, and they fill your heart with beautiful memories and hope, their life made a difference in this world. At least in your world. And that is really something worth being grateful for!

Dearest friend, thank you endlessly for, despite all of your own struggles and wounds, daring to open your heart to be my friend, for always believing in me, dreaming with me, loving me, playing with me, searching for fairies and elves in the tree roots of the woods with me, stealing flowers, fruits and berries with me (moral lesson learnt!), encouraging me, being honest with me, laughing and crying and being goofy with me, supporting me, defending me, being unapologetically you and helping me be unapologetically me, remembering me to always live from a childlike heart and see all the beauty we all carry within. 

I will always remember you as a gem, a treasure, and a brave heart in this world. I love you. 

Thank you for still sticking around, in spirit.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Roses In (E)motions

I too have known loneliness.

I too have known what it is to feel


rejected, and suddenly

not at all beautiful.

Oh, Mother Earth,

your comfort is great, 

your arms never withhold.

It has saved my life to know this.

Your rivers flowing, 

your roses opening in the morning.

Oh, motions of tenderness!

( Loneliness by Mary Oliver )

Tender Surrender

If we want peace 

in this world,

we have to stop the fight

inside ourselves,

against ourselves.

We have to peel the layers


tend our inner soul-gardens


mend our broken hearts


and surrender

to the sacred source of truth

deep within our essence

and rest in that pond of peace,

floating gracefully in trust.

regaining our infinite magic.

Start the journey

by repeating this affirmation daily

out loud for the next 9 days,

9 times a day:

“Guide me to the missing piece,

the missing piece of peace.”

Feel the rhythm

 and pulse of these words

in your bones and heart.

Let them be the healing, 

nourishing mantra

through your blood flow.

Notice the shift in your energy

and soul,

and be open to receive 

guidance and wisdom

regarding your request,

from the Universal Truth of Love,

the Breathing Drum of Existence.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Listen To Your Heart

Ephemeral Countryside Art from my Heart;

"Your heart is your art,

your gift to this world.”

Your heart knows the truth, so be true to your heart!

Protect it with all your love,

so it gets fully loaded with magical love to share

with people who truly, deeply care.

Don't give yourself away.

Don't let anybody (mis)use you as an ashtray,

lead you astray and your soul's deepest calling obey.

When you have something truthful to say,

let it out from your heart accompanied by a lifegiving sunray.

My heart is my art,

my gift to this world.

It's still beating with love, magic and power,

renewed wisdom and beauty,

despite being beaten up, broken and scarred;

remodeled and bandaged

over and over again.

And it amazes me every time it strikes me;

This organ is amazingly enough

my savior;

my inner guardian angel, lifegiver and healer!

My heart is my art.

My gift to this world.

And I am so in awe for this sacred

lifegiving possession of mine.

So it goes:

breathe - beat - love - breathe - beat - love.

The natural healing circle of life 

in my heart.

Take care of your heart. Care for your heart. Honor your heart. Value your heart. Listen to your heart. Be honest with your heart. Have you ever tried to suppress the truth from your heart? You kind of clearly heard the truth, but you pretended it was not the truth, that you didn't hear that silent whisper? The inner voice that told you that you really love someone deeply, but you will not admit or express it. That the relationship you are in is not really love or healthy for you. That you miss someone insane who has left for the spirit realm or someone you lost as friend in early age. 

That you hurt someone badly, but didn't apologize.  That you was heavily betrayed by someone who never asked for

 forgiveness. That you said you forgave someone for hurting you, but you did not mean it, because it was too painful to forgive. That you regret lying to someone. That somebody is lying to you and you keep defending them. That you feel lonely and alienated in this world. That somebody you trusted left you bleeding in a crises and you had to fight for your life alone. That you are tired and exhausted. That you are sad and in pain. That you are afraid of dying, but more afraid of fully living? 

That you really don't understand all that happens or know the answer to everything in this world, and

 that all that is perfectly fine? Your heart know all this. And can take all this, carry it and in time transform it. If you let it and trust it. Your heart is a natural living, breathing soul-healer. It wants you to know your truth. Your true feelings, your true experiences and the truth about your relationships through life, from family, to friends to partners and not at least your true relationship to life, death and Mother Earth. 

Your heart wants your truth to come to the surface, for you to be conscious about the drama, trauma and happenings in your life. Only through being honest with ourselves and our own heart and story, we can fully heal and be the best, most authentic and beautiful version of ourselves in this world and radiate that love and truth to others to heal. When you allow yourself to heal, you ARE and you BRING sacred, unique medicine to this world. 

Don't waste your medicine. Don't waste you love.  Don't waste your magic. Don't waste your truth. It's all you got and are made up from. Always remember; The Universal lovely truth made you in the first place! And it wants you to shine your authentic truth like a bright, shining star in the midnight sky to light up your inner and outer world for collective healing.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

"'Cause I've been shaking,

I've been bending backwards till I'm broke.

Watching all these dreams go up in smoke;

Let beauty come out of ashes."

(from “Ashes” - Deadpool 2)


There is the Law of Nature,

and there is the Law made by Man.

Trouble happens when the Law of Man

tries to overrule or obey the Law of Nature.

When the Law of Man

does not include the rest of the Circle of Life,

or refuses to co-create with the whole ecosystem,

everything gets out of hand.

And our beautiful world gets out of balance.

The next time

you take something from Nature

that isn't yours, that you have claimed yours,

or you do harm to Nature,

be sure to give something back

in some way or another.

Leave a piece of your love

so Nature at least know

that your are grateful

for the oxygen She produces

to give life to your nature-bound

breathing, beating heart.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

"Our relationship with Nature (and our own true nature) is broken"


Ephemeral Local Park Art from my Heart;

"Inner evolution is a natural, universal inherited, individual superpower."

Stop the limiting evolution-pollution-tuition!

Be creative, change the narrative.

Release dis-ease. Evolve and solve.

Believe in yourself and your body's innate, magical ability and possibility

to transform and self-heal.

You exercise your brain through studying, solving tasks, experimenting, reading, taking quizzes etc

to get smart. You repeat and train yourself in different handy skills to be practical. You work on yourself or in therapy to get a better relationship with yourself and others and heal old traumas and wounds. You educate yourself in ecosystems, politics, cultures and religions to be more compassionate, understanding and see a bigger picture. You ask for help, use others experiences, teachings or wisdom to learn to become a better parent. You participate in team-building  to improve your social and collaboration ability skills. You lift weights to get stronger. You stretch to get stretchy. You run to achieve better endurance. You eat healthy to not gain overweight or get life-style-diseases. All this hard working effort and belief for personal change and progress.

For self-improving, healthy growth and self-healing, really.

So - why on Earth have you stopped believing that you have the possibility and power to also naturally work on strengthening and enhancing the quality of your own immune system or in your body's ability to protect and heal itself? Just because someone once told you, or continue telling you, that something isn't possible, does NOT mean that they are right or that they carry the whole truth in a matter. History has proven such absolute statements wrong

over and over again……

So don't give up on yourself. You are a miraculous masterpiece capable of achieving a lot of magical things

beyond “common (scientific) sense”. Maybe not overnight, but over time. With tender surrender and indulging self-care. Let the evolution-pollution-tuition of your brain stop, so you can listen and see clearly again. You are a living, breathing creature. You can evolve and adapt to every changing circumstances in life, like everything else alive in the natural world.


Have you ever held yourself back from your full potential and healthy growth so other people could get right in their opinion of you, to please them and invite them to walk all over you? I have, and you know what; it sucked! I withered. I died inside. I couldn't breathe. I got unhealthy and ill to my bones, almost did not make it. Then I heard this little tiny, familiar voice from deep within my soul, shaking me out of my unbearable, painful brain-cloudy-sleep-walking; "The abyss is not your true path. You can overcome this. You will get the strength you need if you dare to believe in your bodys, souls and psyches ability to heal. Just take your time and follow your truth." And I chose to follow that voice and calling. I chose to heal my life naturally<3

We came her to evolve, overcome resistance and traumas, 

grow stronger through challenges and find new healthy ways to heal,

not just through our minds,

- that's such limiting thinking! -

but through our energy-system, our hearts, our spirits and souls.

Be creative, change the narrative.

You are the author of your own life.

And your own health.

Write a personal and healthy story!

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Glow Slow

In crazy times

"Slow down" is one of my favorite verbs,

and snails are some of my favorite teachers.

Have you ever watched a snail 

quietly for at least 20 minutes?

If not, please do,

and feel your consciousness shifting

from spaced out, all over the place chaotic

to peaceful, focused and centered.

The snail even carries 

the ancient spiral on its shell;

The symbol of protection 

and spiritual development,

the cycle of rebirth,

moving from the outer existence 

to the inner existence,

connecting our individuality

 to the Universal Soul.


observing other nature beings

in silence from your heart,

does not make you inactive 

or a passive participant to life.

Instead it makes you wiser, 

enhances your ability to reflect, 

view a bigger picture of the whole,

build humble communication-skills

towards nature beings 

beyond your own species,

and make you a valuable, healthy contribution

to our shared eco-system

and the sacred circle of life .

The ancient secret 

to radiate an inner, soulful magical 

everlasting glow.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Barefoot Dreams

Every day

is a golden new opportunity

to take off your shoes

and stroll barefoot around,

free in spirit,

into a real or imaginary pink sunset

in your own little world,

indoors or outdoors.

Just close your eyes ,

breathe deep belly-breaths,

visualize the sunset of your dreams

in your minds eye

and your hearts secret chamber,

and just be swept off your feet

by the deep nature connection

into Mother Earths soft embrace.

She carries you with love and devotion.

Just like your feet does.

Remember to trust your bodys ability

and the magic of the Earth,

in chaotic turmoil,

 to always help you land safe 

on your barefoot feet

and connect with you healing roots.

(Lene Rose Copyright).


Your cup can never really be empty.

As long as it is empty, it is full.

Full of fresh air.


So just breathe.

Empty yourself,

and feel energized and full<3

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Beach Meadows

The beach-meadows

must be one of my favorite kinds of meadows.

Sometimes they are filled up with water-crystals,

sometimes they are covered in snow-crystals or frost,

other times they are embraced by beautiful seashells,

and sometimes visited by jellyfish, crabs and starfish stranded.

Feathers whirling and barefoot-prints in the sand.

Humans love to “get lost” there.

Sometimes they smell like salty water.

Other times like seaweed.

Now and then like fish or a fisherman's old wooden boat.

On a sunny day they smell like sunshine and sun lotion,

even sweat and sports.

Sometimes the beach-meadows are covered up

in straws, flowers and berries

and they smell so sweet, peaceful and colorful.

They are crossed by river water longing for the ocean.

Other times they are overflooded with seagulls or butterflies.

More movement, noise and action.

Bonfires accompany the sunsets.

But they are always beautifully framed

by the ocean and the sky,

fully covered in tiny stone crystals,

filled with so much magic, absorbed sun-rays,

ancient secrets and healing

that you forget that you are in a physical body

and just emerge with them as one,

being kissed by the ocean with every incoming wave.

Being fully aware of your pure soul.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Fallen Angels, Open Up<3

Tonight is a big night<3 Here we are gathering in front of the television to watch Eurovision Song Contest 2021. We have many powerful, beautiful angels in Norway, and today one of them is representing our country in the Grand Final. I am so proud of the Norwegian people who voted for sending Andreas (stage name; TIX - @tixmusic) to Rotterdam to contribute with his song  “Fallen Angel”.

 I get it, that some may think that huge angelwings, sunglasses, headband and fake white fur, may seem a little bit far off and even shallow, but it couldn't be more far from the truth; So much soul, heart, essence, empathy, wisdom, solid roots and pure wings in that guy. The theme for Eurovision this year is “ Open Up” - and Andreas has truly broken his shell, come out of his hibernation and opened up and been honest about struggles with suicidal thoughts, fighting inner demons about not being good enough, struggling from early age with bullying, Tourettes Syndrome, tics and OCD, a feeling of deep loneliness and being an outcast. He has shown us the journey of how he took ownership over his story and his tics by creating his own superhero, TIX, being the total opposite of how the little guy inside him felt, and has done huge success in Norway with his songs and as our most streamed artist. 

But then something happened; a sacred truth from deep within wanting to sprout to surface, not just showing off the cool guy TIX, but also the fragile REAL superhero that created him in the first place, young Andreas, and show the world that boys can be broken, traumatized, vulnerable and cry (a lot:-)) even though they seem brave and successful from the outside. He wrote the song " I dont want to live (but I dont want to die)" after talking to his cat Findus on the dark night of his soul on the 17th of May 2018 when he wanted to end his life, and he also later on wrote a song "Angel, dont leave" dedicated to one of his fans after being invited by her friends to her funeral (she died young from cancer), being suddenly aware of how many of his fans that are giving him so much love while struggling themselves and might not even be here in life for long. And wanted to give something back.

He wants to put mental health on the agenda, and I love that he uses the Eurovision stage (and his own platform) to something far more greater than him; to help other people coming out of their shells, to OPEN UP about struggles, encouraging people to make your weakness your strength and not just be yourself, but EMBRACE yourself, and fight off your demons so you can become the swan that you are and spread your wings again. Of  course I cried my eyes and heart our when he took of his glasses during his semifinal performance to show his tics, the real reason why he wear sunglasses in the spotlight. 

He has been an inspiration to a lot of children, teens and grown ups in Norway and through his participation in Eurovision also been able to reach even more people, which is his goal and mission “At this point its not about winning anymore. I just want people to feel good about themselves. I want people to see that there is a way out of the darkness. And that's the message I want to send. “Roots and wings create magical things! I hope from the bottom of my heart that you join me in The Earthly Angel Tribe and turn on the Eurovision Song Contest tonight to be inspired, to cheer, vote or check out his story if you do not already have. There is a superhero in every one of us. Dare to be that superhero for yourself and the world! Thank you, Andreas, for being authentic and true, the real you, inspiring others to be and embrace themselves with magical, childlike love.

# cryingiscool

"Fallen Angel" Official music video

Dont be shy, just cry like a real guy... (Andreas being surprised by his own song by his co-songwriter Emelie Hollow):

Andreas sincere interview at Lindmo:

Andreas sings his song "Angel, dont leave" for his late fan Auroras family:

Break the Shell

(Dedicated to everyone who have felt like an outcast, alone in the world, been suppressed, controlled or bullied.

You are not alone<3)

Like a sprouting seed deep in the coldest dark;

This lonely, harsh emptiness tattooing my heart like a birthmark.

No warmth, no light to feel or see,

still drawn towards the direction of my destiny.

This power awakening deep inside my soul,

forcing me back to being whole.

No more excuses for this force to hide.

in urge to reach the surface before the high tide….

Ref: No one can stop us,

our will is stronger!

To break the shell,

we can't wait any longer.

To raise, to grow, to see our potential;

Our entrance into this world is not accidental……

People will tell you just to stay, safe in your shell until the time of decay.

They`ll try to convince you, you don’t know a thing,

and that the winter`s isolation is what they truly believe in.

Gone is the spring –

A world bursting into life with power from sunlight,

nature's awakening blooming without worries and strife.

They`ll teach you how to protect you from and control this evil

with rifle and knife, poison and pesticide...

Ref: No one can stop us,

our will is stronger!

To break the shell,

we can't wait any longer.

To raise, to grow, to see our potential;

Our entrance into this world is not accidental……

They`ll keep on trying holding you back,

preaching that nature's oxygen will backfire and attack.

Make you questioning abundance, and start focusing on the lack;

Selling you fear, as your core's most trustworthy soundtrack.

Never believe people who are afraid of life, cause they're already dead.

Make your own way through – grow instead!

Feel your roots and stem getting stronger,

You`ll have no need for suppressing people in your life any longer!

Ref: No one can stop us,

our will is stronger!

To break the shell,

we can't wait any longer.

To raise, to grow, to see our potential;

Our entrance into this world is not accidental……

Feel the source of life in your vein.

You`re part of nature – a heritage you should proudly reclaim.

Fill your lungs with peace and calm, feel the soil inside your palm.

Drink fresh juices from the trees.

When the rain pours down, surrender down on your knees.

Feel the earth drinking gracefully in gratitude,

witness the moonlight bathe in mystical solitude.

Dive into the sea, become the wave, worship the sun for being alive.

The child inside is pure and wild;

Take no shit no more – start to explore!

Ref: No one can stop us,

our will is stronger!

To break the shell,

we can't wait any longer.

To raise, to grow, to see our potential;

Our entrance into this world is not accidental……

(Lyrics Lene Rose Copyright)

Restore Amore

Ephemeral Backyard Art from my Heart;

"Restore Amore - Love is not just an essential part of you. It is who you are. 

When did you forget?"

Bring yourself back to your own breath, the breath of life, the Universal gift of love. 

You breathe life, you are life, you give life. You are a life-giver and a life receiver. 

Let the Universe breathe you and heal you. Give and receive with humble powerful love.

"I bring the message of love, the nectar of life. There is so much love, all over the world and in the whole vast Universe; 

In the spirit realms and in the earthly realms. In the plant kingdom, the sea kingdom, the stone kingdom, the heavenly kingdoms, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom….so much love… many creatures trying to express their love, show their love, be love, give love, and it is so damn hard for humans to open their hearts to see…..the truth...the love…..So many human beings have closed their hearts in despair, in sorrow, in fear, in shock, in trauma, in bitterness, in heaviness, in hate…….but that doesn't solve anything. To close down your hearts? How will you live, heal and feel free in your own life without an open, childlike, vital heart? You are as good as dead. Fear is not the answer. Love is. Your heart knows the answer. Your heart carries all the wisdom you need to know. And this wisdom is linked to every soul, making you capable of sharing and communicating with whatever soul you like, both in the earthly realms and in spirit realms. You just have to "pick up the phone" and "dial the right number". Or in this case, you just have to reach out for that specific soul and ask for wisdom, guidance, help, insight, friendship or ask to get to know the soul. Get the approval. Shake soul-hands and look deeply into each other's soul hearts. And then you are rollin`. It is easy. Really. You make it so hard. Human minds have a tendency to always choose the hardest, heaviest way possible. But I tell you right now, it is so much more delightful, easy and effortless to follow the lightpath of love that comes from your soul and your heart. Let your mind rest for a while. Let it go on vacation to integrate and  heal, so you can start living, thriving and see the world from your childlike heart. It is truly a breathtaking, creative, wonderful place where you can create magic and restore your own relationship to love. You have the power. The solar power of love. Your soul was birthed from that sunny source. Source yourself up and go out in the world and radiate that sacred lifegiving, healing heritage and attract your Tribe of Love."

(Lene Rose Copyright)

The True Power Of One

"All you need is a single drop 

to change the whole makeup of the water. 

You may seem small, 

but the energy of your blossoming 

will naturally opens the hearts around you. 

As Saudi womens rights activist Manal al-Sharif once said, 

" the rain begins with one drop". 

 All you need is a single drop to change the whole. 

You are changing the world 

every time you take a step into the direction 

of your own blooming."

(A. Suler)

Do Yoga With Me

Almost every pose in yoga is inspired after something in nature (mountain pose, sun salutations, tree pose, lotus pose etc), and a lot of the time the poses are named after animals like; downward facing dog, king pigeon pose, cat pose, swan pose, butterfly pose, fish pose, eagle pose, frog pose, peacock pose, well you get it. So why dont go straight to the source itself to be inspired and mentored? The lake in my hometown is an Eldorado for a yoga-lover like me. There are always some nature-creatures to learn from. The lovely Swan-power-couple, The Schwansons, are one of my all time favorite. They are so adorable together, and they are so into teaching yoga to humans. 

Down below they will illustrate their own special edition  "Soft Neck Spring Cleanse Stretch"-sequence. 

 Coming soon to a Lake near you. Your neck will never ever be or feel the same.

Warning: Do not try these poses at home, unless you have been properly and safely trained by natureyoga-authorized swans.

Wild Pansy Medicine

"Allow yourself to feel sad. 

Sadness is a sacred feeling. It is a healing feeling.

All these wounds you have been carrying around like a burden on your shoulders 

and like a heavy stone in your heart; Allow them to finally heal. 

They are tattoos from your journey through life.

They carry memories. They carry history. They carry suffering. 

They carry lessons learnt and gained insight and wisdom. They carry lost hope and broken dreams. 

They also carry a HUGE part of who you have become and who you are today. 

They have brought a lot of hurt, a lot of pain, trauma and shock 

– so allow yourself to feel hurt, lost, broken, abandoned, scarred, traumatized and shocked....

All these feelings, all these life-experiences have been a part of your life`s path. 

Unwounded, unscarred beings are not more valuable than scarred and wounded beings. 

So honor these experiences. Give them love. Give YOURSELF love. 

Be amazed by your soul's ability to survive through all this strife and hardship,

 and give credit to your body for carrying you through all these obstacles; 

for never leaving your side, for being your nearest friend and shelter

 when nobody else saw or understood your suffering or could be there for you. 

No wonder that your body is tired and needs some well-deserved rest. 

Sorrow and darkness is not something you should fear. You should embrace it. 

The darkness - the night - is necessary for healing, rest, sleep, profound wisdom and growth. 

Seeds grow best in dark soil, because it is a safe hibernation 

full of nutrition, space, support, embrace and possibilities. 

It is where the magic starts sprouting to life. 

If there were only darkness and night in the world, life on Earth would die out,

 because the plants and trees could no longer produce oxygen. 

But if there were only sunlight and day 

– the Earth would dry out from the heat and lack of rest and silent pause. 

It is always a question about BALANCE. 

Allow yourself to let both the sun (the day/light) and the moon (the night/darkness) into your heart. 

Let both sorrow and pain, joy and healing enter. 

Both of them are mystical and magical and both of them are lifegiving. Both of them are raw and real. 

So even when you feel surrounded by darkness, 

you are – in your essence – always pure light. 

This can never change. 

Start looking at yourself as a shining star in the evening sky;

This bright light deep inside your soul lightening up the world. 

Honor your story. Don't try to escape your own darkness, your pain, your wounds. 

This will never bring you peace and wholeness. 

If you let your feelings flow and your wounds heal and grow, 

the inner light in your essence will lighten up and melt away 

all the layers of sadness and darkness until they dissolve into the purifying night sky. 

You are everything you are. 


(Lene Rose Copyright)

Radiate Truth

From all of me to all of you; Happy Truthday! 

 It's my birthday:-) YEY!

I love having birthdays<3 I love being born, experience life in good times and bad times, 

and feel the freedom of living life my own organic, childlike, nerdy, crazy way. 

I guess “I did it my way” 

have to be the perfect text on my gravestone, when that journey comes. 

For a long time I thought my superpower was Love. 

After peeling some heavy layers,  I discovered my superpowers were Love & TRUTH; 

To be true to myself, other people and my surroundings, 

and share my truth and let other people share theirs.  

I found that telling my truth was actually love, and that love was being true to myself and my surroundings. 

To live life as a lie, behind a facade, and keep telling yourself and people around you lies, is not love. 

That never has been and never will  be love.

It's deeply disrespectful, and you are deceiving both yourself (your heart, soul and true nature)

and the people who love and care for you, and who think they know the real you.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, so when you are honest and authentic, radiating truth, 

you start attracting people doing the same. 

And you can start building a community built on true love, integrity and beautiful values.

Last year I had a wish for my birthday for you that read or feel inspired by my website;

 I wanted you to take time to connect with and show some love to Mother Earth. 

This year my birthday wish is a little bit in the same alley. If you're on board on my birthday-train, 

I still want you to connect to Nature, but this time to your own inner truth and inner nature. 

So I made this edible (minus the crystals:-)) piece of art in the picture below:

Ephemeral Backyard Art from my Heart;

“Radiate Truth - Never ever kneel for what is not raw and real.”

Breathe deep into the innermost essence of who you are. 

Here you will find the truth of everything you are made up from, your full story and all the beauty, 

kindness and magic you possess. This inner truth will guide you on your sacred authentic path, 

making you feel in your whole being that you are living a meaningful, fulfilling, magical life, 

making a ripple effect touching the soul of others, so they start longing for radiating their own truth.

To get into your essence, your sacred truth, this is what you do:

Place both of your hands on your heart. Take deep breaths as you watch and “breathe in'' the picture below.

Keep looking at the picture as you are breathing deeply, or close your eyes, whatever feels right and true for you, 

and say out loud: 

“I am worthy of my own love. I am worthy of other people's love. 

I now release my crippling chains of lies. I set myself  free.” 

And feel what happens inside of you. Observe your feelings; emptiness, tears, resistance, support, happiness, love, pain, bitterness, loneliness, sadness…..whatever comes up is true for you, and just breathe through it. 

Say these 4 sentences at least 9 times or until you truly can feel that you mean it in your heart, mind, bones and soul, 

and that these words are true. 

Never ever underestimate the Power of Love. And Truth.

And always remember:

You are worthy of your own love.

You are worthy of freedom in your own heart.

Happy Truthday!

-."...far from the shallow now...."-

And Happy Birthday to me:-)

May your weekend be blessed with Deep Truth and Pure Love<3

Thank you for being her.

Peace out - 

I am off to my beloved stone circle

to celebrate life:-)

Norwegian Wildlife

The other day my heart fell in love

with this sweet little goofy guy.

I found him lost in the wild,

hanging lonely,

 smiling bravely from a branch.

He was swept off his feet (foot...:-)),

and sadly separated from his beloved half, 

whom he had walked together with all his life.

He is now practicing social distancing 

alone in agony.

May the (nature) force be with him

and keep him safe,

until he can take his next  joyous step in life;

pair up with

and reunite with his family again.

In the mean while

he is forced to stand tall,

practice patience

and walk the line.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

In loving memory:

A Love Letter

Dear life, 

I am so sorry I missed you! 

I should have been there, embracing you, loving you, living you, caring for you, 

experiencing your magic and your possibilities. 

Instead I was too busy with work, fear, gossip, social media, internet, tv-series, 

fighting my way to power and status, competing, proving my worth and chasing money. 

I lost my core idealism and essential values. 

I know you feel betrayed. 

That I made you feel that you were never good enough for me.

 I am so truly deeply sorry. 

I know you tried to reach me. Talk some childlike sense into me. 

 To awaken me, to look me into my eyes and soul and to compassionate guide me. 

But I wouldn't listen. I wanted to sleep. 

I wanted to follow the masses and be like them. 

I never questioned anything. I never reflected on your beauty and mysteries. 

I didn't want your breathtaking uniqueness. 


Now I wish I could undo my choices. I hope you will accept my apology. 

This time it comes from this deep, sincere place in me 

that I have never touched before. 

I miss you! 

You were the best thing ever happening to me. 

You defined me and made me feel truly alive.

You made me visible and physical. You made me breathe. 

You loved me for me, my true self. 

You made me whole. 

I just didn't see it. I didn't appreciate you. 

I didn't see you for who you truly were;

 How genuine, authentic, funny, serious, loud, peaceful, messy, raw, 

hardcore courageous, wise and wild 

and how colorful and exciting you were. 

How unique. 

How you always were there for me, all the time, 

how you carried me when I was lost, exhausted or traumatized. 

Please forgive me. I can no longer live with myself. 

I never really have. At least not the true me. 

But I want to. 

And I can't live without you. No you, no me. 

Is there any possibility that I could get a second chance? 

I am ready, if you are.

You know where to find me. 


Sincerely yours, the Human Kind

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Light In Sight

If I was a street light,

I would light up the path

on your darkest nights,

so you would not get lost

in the heavy labyrinth 

of terrifying thoughts.

But I am not a lamp.

I am human.

So I can do better than that.

I can walk the path in darkness 

WITH you,

until you make friends 

with the dark,

discover that its really an wise ally,

and together share

the joy, magic and power

of feeling the sun rise 

in your own heart,

fueling my heart,

by witnessing

 this rare and precious


Its not just  "OUT THERE".


The sun.

I carry your heart,

until you can feel 

your own inner glorious sunshine

radiate from your soul.

Once again.

Tattooed in your heart 


with the soft touch of

angelic feathers,

so you never ever again

forget this truth

of who you really are;



and light.

Precious and irreplaceable.

(Lene Rose Copyright)


If my heart could speak,

it would be speechless.

It would be peacefully still,


by  natures mysterious beauty and grace.

Beating harmonious,

unconditionally sending

pure oxygen and love to the brain;

the freezingly lost organ up north,

that has so hard to believe

the magical and powerful 

nature of the heart.

May the poor thing rest in peace,

so the wisdom and warmth 

can flow through

and melt the barriers of ice

built up against love.

And every moment 

my heart would be breathing, 

loving and wondering.

Being childlike and grateful,

joyfully celebrating for being alive.

For being able to love.

In silence.

Beyond words.

The language of the heart

is the language of love;

An ancient language

every living creature in the Universe

can understand, relate to and express;

Peacefully and effortless......

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Who You Are

Ground your mind, 

open your heart 

and expand your soul.

Just be Pure Nature; 

your TRUE heritage,

and drink from 

the infinite, ancient wisdom

of the vast, mysterious,

beautiful being 

that you are.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Soulful Rebirth

Springtime is my all time favorite season of the year. Mother Earth is pregnant!!! She is birthing seeds, plants, buds, leaves and flowers all over the place. It's an intense, long lasting, sacred labor, so powerful that you can feel her pulse and lifeforce beating in your own heart. So please walk lightly on her belly in awe, with respect and breathe in the sight of her magical newbies blossoming to life. I am a child of spring and light. I was born in spring during a full moon and a lunar eclipse, so the sun was really bathing Mother Earth in sunshine, while the moon was resting in the Earth's shadows, and my name literally means “to shine/sparkle like the sun”. No wonder I fell in love with both light-work and shadow-work:-) And to this day, I can still remember all the light filling my heart coming into this world. So this season is so dear to my soul. It's the time of true life force, truth, birth and rebirth. To transform darkness and heavy energies into light and new life. The sun has turned, it's just been Beltane/May Day ("Bright Fire"), the Celtic festival of light and fertility, and it reminds us of coming out of our caves and hibernation, out of the shadows,  into the light, together with our Mother, Gaia, carrying and guiding us safely with grace and love. It's time to sprout and blossom. To let go of the old, to rebirth ourselves into a colorful, fruitful, sunny, soulful reality. A world of wonder and magic. A world in joy for life. Feeling new hope arise. Let sunrays and colors fill our bloodstream and flower-fragrance and freshly produced oxygen cleanse our lungs, empowering us to open our hearts to the natural healing, mysterious beauty of this world. 

And let our souls shine like the sunshine<3

(Lene Rose Copyright)

 “You can cut all the flowers,

 but you cannot stop spring from coming.”

Pablo Nerudo⠀


Peaceful Silence

Be still....

- and listen -

with you heart;

The voice of peace,

the voice of love,

deep, deep inside.

Not trying to hide,

but seeking to reach you

by silence,

by breath.

Wanting you to know,

that letting something go

might not mean to loose something,

but to release something

that burdens you.

Trust the process.

By setting free,

you gain freedom.

It gets easier to breathe,

easier to listen,

easier to love, 

easier to let your heart guide you

to the center of peace;

your own true being.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Pink Moon Flow

Ephemeral Beach Art from my Heart on Pink Full Moon April 2021. 

“Ground. Flow. Grow; Flourish Rooted Freedom. Blossom Love.“

To be able to be creative and create art in nature with nature's own art (organic, raw materials birthed by Mother Earth, the Earth's Greatest, most humble Artist herself) is to me almost as spiritual as it gets. The peace, the love, the ancient wisdom, the unity, the bliss, the serenity, the sacred childlike joy and energy that surrounds me and fills me during the making of such art of my heart, is a gift and a treasure greater than anything I have experienced in life, except the gift, wealth and miracle of being a mum.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

The Golden Compass

Love the wisdom and symbolism in this movie!

"When you tear out a man's/woman's tongue,

you are not proving him/her a liar,

you're only telling the world

that you fear what he/she might say.”

(George R. R. Martin)

Going through life, we will all meet a lot of people challenging us. People will question you, bully you, disrespect you, confuse you, try to lead you astray, provoke you and try to control you. Take a stand and seek to find your solid ground. Root yourself and connect deeply into the heart of your values and your truth.

Insecure people driven by manipulative power and greed will always try to get to you through fear with convincing you that you are not magical, not valuable, that you do not have an important voice, that you can not change anything and that you are stupid or lost and will never gain respect without their guidance and knowledge. They will try to separate you from the divine source, from your powerful and magical inner child, your sacred power animal, your creative mind, free spirit and colorful heart. They will question your values, forcing you to give up whats most precious to you, your freedom, your truth and free speech, and all the things that makes you you, in exchange of their truth and way of living, forcing you to obey and worship their discipline to be accepted and a worthy part of society.

Listen to your heart and follow you bliss.

Your heart, your inner compass, natural born instincts and intuition will guide you on your unique path of love, peace and truth, were you will build strength, courage and humble confidence and sacred ancient wisdom that will help you to see clearly the people supporting you, your true tribe, who wants you to be the best version of you, and the people trying to tear you apart, feed your anxiety and insecurities and make you crawl through life.

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