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Rose Spirit Medicine

Healing power within


Everything you do,

should reflect who you are!"

(Lene Rose)

Soft Embrace <3


Take Care

Take care of your Soul.

Take care of your Heart.

Take care of your authentic Power.

Take care of your Lifeforce.

Remember that there is a huge difference

between giving away and sharing.

When you give away,

you let go of your Soul, your Heart,

your Power and Lifeforce.

You feel empty, drained, poor and depressed.

When your share,

you share truth from your Soul, your Heart,

your Power and Lifeforce,

and that means

that there is something also left for you.

It is not given away, it is just shared from....

And you will feel loved, energized, rich and happy.

Take time to recharge

and define your boundaries and values.

Take care of your Sacred Life.

Dont give it away.

But share both your pain and sorrow,

your magic and happiness.

Stand proud in your Soul-essence

in both sunny and rainy days.

And you will feel your Lifeforce blossoming.

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

Sharing common ground <3

Alpha (An enemy will become an ally)

"In every person there is a sun.

Just let them shine."



"In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity"

Sun Tzu


I always take responsibility

for my own happiness and magic.

Do not sit and wait for magic

to come knocking on your door,

because most of the times it does not.

If you feel your life lack happiness and magic,

be creative and fill your life with those things!

I am in awe and still surprised

over the small things in life,

how they can lift and feed my childlike spirit.

Something so simple like Easter eggs;

hidden inside the home, in a meadow,

in a forest, in the snow,

and go treasure-hunting with a home-drawn pirate-map

dressed as a rabbit

(take an old hat and sew on some rabbit-ears

and paint your face).

It makes my soul shine and my heart sing every time<3

Easter flower power in our mountain cabin:-)

Easter decorations always make me happy:-)


Pure Lifeforce<3


"The story of the Sun Goddess

who brings light back to the world is ancient,

but it is also a story for our time

that offers hope for renewal."


"Three things can not be long hidden;

the Sun,

the Moon


the Truth!"



The Rebirth of the Ancient Sun and Life-Force.


"The Language of Light

can only be decoded by the heart<3"

(Suzy Kassem)


Fancy a Pansy?


Hocus Pocus Crocus<3


"If my soul could get away,

my first journey would be into

the inner substance

of a flower"

(John Muir)


Growing flower-medicine<3




My soothing, organic eye-cream for "blue eyes" in the making<3


Shadows of light

If you feel you are being drawn into darkness

in your soul, heart and/or psyche,

always remember this;

If there is a way in, there is ALWAYS a way out again!

Sometimes we are so afraid of and obsessed with

being absorbed by the darkness

that we forget to turn our heads

and see all the light supporting us and having our backs,

helping us to navigate through darkness,

if we accept the guidance.

Insane sane much is healed in darkness;

So instead of using your energy to fear and fight it,

use your energy to feel, heal and grow out of the dark

wiser and evolved infused with both light and dark

as equal allies and teachers on your soul's journey.

Light-work and shadow-work are dependent on each other

and they birth each other;

Working with light will always reveal the shadows in you.

And working with your shadows

will always reveal the light in you.

You are birthed from and supported by light,

embraced and loved by darkness.

In this sacred truth

and with this ancient knowing in your soul

you are whole.

Ignite your inner shadows of light

and shine bright

through your soul's dark night.

(Lene Rose Copyright)


Healing fairy forest magic<3


The Earth Heals Me

The stars speak and remind me I am not alone.

The wind gently holds me.

The trees listen to my pain.

The birds sing my worries away.

The sunshine removes my darkness.

Nature accept me as I am.



"It is not always about the climb.

Sometimes it is about solid ground.

It is not always about the struggles and fights.

Sometimes it is about the willingness

to rest, breathe and surrender;

trusting the Divine to carry you through"."

(Lene Rose)


Wholeness; coming full circle with yourself with eyes wide open, still floating strong after deep diving shadow-work, healed soul-wounds, a heart filled with love, value and purpose, being fully present and proud in your own life.

(Lene Rose)



the sacred birth of life-force;

magical buds, new hope and new life<3

Embrace and rejoice!

(Lene Rose)


Dear Spring,

thank you for coloring our world with beautiful, breathtaking/-giving and healing flowers and their unique ancient medicines from the depths of the Earth infused with powerful light-energy from the Sun<3

(Lene Rose)


Going back to my roots.....

Old song, timeless lyrics.....


Building peace<3


"One of the most courageous decisions

you will ever make,

is to finally let go of

what is hurting your heart and soul."

(Brigitte Nicole)


Free Online Event

Science of Healing Summit

Co-presented by The Shift Network & Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI)

March 15-19, 2021

"Join a global gathering of pioneers in evolutionary consciousness — including leading-edge scientists, healers, physicians, researchers, and inspiring teachers — sharing a powerful synthesis of inner and outer knowledge that can shift your consciousness and unlock your innate capacity to heal... body, mind, and spirit. "


"And spring arose

on the garden fair,

like the spirit of Love

felt everywhere;

And each flower and herb

on Earths dark breast

rose from the dreams

of its wintry rest."

(Percy B Shelley)



“Sweet Snowdrop flower

help me surrender

to your sacred and tender

opening of the bud of spring.

Guide me out of

my safe cave of hibernation,

from winters lonely isolation,

where I have gone through

heart-and soulfelt transformation.

It's time for celebration;

In the promising horizon,

a new incarnation

is ready to sprout from within.”

(Lene Rose Copyright)

A safe haven - The Bud of courage<3


Sacred opening - Expanding the comfort-zone<3


Blossoming - Experience life to the fullest<3


Unity - Rooted in a supportive tribal community worldwide <3


"The trees are healers, teachers and life-givers.

They carry glorious pearls of ancient wisdom;

on their branches,

in their flowers, fruits, berries, nuts and leaves,

in their stem, bark and roots,

They arrived here long before us,

they have experienced a lifelong mutual fruitful relationship

with the soil of the Earth,

the rain in the clouds,

the waters in the lakes and rivers,

the insects, animals and birds

on their fruits, berries, nuts and flowers

and the sun in the Sky,

and have a lot to teach us about the circle of life

and how to co-create with nature

to be in balance, peace and filled with life-force."

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Apple Blossom Medicine

It's time to flush out from our bodies

the heritage of the Apple of Sin

tattooed in our hearts

and start showering our hearts

in shining love, warming compassion,

humble peacemaking

and colorful soul-healing

from the Divine magical Flower-kingdom.

The beautiful soft fragrant Apple-blossoms

enter the tree-scene of life before the apples,

and after pollination,

encouraging their apples to sprout and grow,

be tasteful, fruitful, peaceful, joyful, nourishing

and give life to their promising seeds

in their kernel-essence,

not to fill themselves with worms, infection, hate, stress

and kill themselves or die in misery.

"I wish to be pollinated

so I can birth an apple from my flower

that feels sinful, ugly and worthless

with dead seeds inside

and make people that eat them

feel the same way",

said no Apple-blossom-mother ever!!!!!

Snow Whites stepmum might say something like that,

but never the blossoming fruit-tree-mother of life.

She is a solid anchor, a safe haven,

a justiceseeker and a lightworker

for her children,

and she is a sacred member

of the worldspread rose-family;


with almost 3000 species;

including strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries,

 pear-trees, wildrose, aronia, hawthorn among others.

And like them,

she wish for you to blossom and thrive,

be embraced by love, sweetness, truth and worthiness;

offering you seeds, flowers, leaves and fruit for your survival,

both for food and for medicine.

"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away",

they say.


(Lene Rose Copyright)


"The Apple Wound - healing" - plant spirit medicine-making<3


This white rose is Climbing Schneewittchen Rose (Snow White climbing-rose). Interesting to notice that the German word for Snow White (Shcnee-wittchen) almost have a "witch" in it, the "white witch" that took care of everybody and wanted to do good, give love to animals, birds, flowers, trees and people, sing, dance, play, eat and unite:-)

"Who knows why we were taught to fear the witches,

and not those who burned them alive...."


Healing the Witch Wound

"Funfact"; the word Witch, derives from the Old English word wicca (man-witch)/wicce (woman-witch) (that later became wicche" in Middle English and didnt distinguish between genders), that before the word were shamed and abused, meant "the wise one" who had valuable ancient wisdom to share about nature, animals, planting seeds, harvesting, plantmedicine like flowers and herbs, how to make nutritious food and who saw the Earth as an equal community for all.....a healing garden for all Earth-walkers. No "dark, manipulative forces" at all, only love and pure, natural healing towards wholeness<3


Wild River Medicine

Spend time with and listen to the river,

and she will guide you.


She has sacred wisdom to share.


Let go.






Let go of the old,

what no longer serves you.

Dont trap your self in stagnant toxins,

release yourself from them,

be wild and free.

Dream of the ocean,

but be present floating in the precious moment,

be creative and find new ways

when you meet resistance.

Explore yourself in different directions,

and give of your abundance to the whole

when you have enough power to share.

Be still and pause when you need to.

Breathe and feel the peace;

The sun hugging the surface of your waters.

Dive into your depths and every treasure hidden in you.

Always remember your source;

what made you in the first place

the Divine source that never runs out.

It continues to feed you.

Receive with love.

And gratitude.

Let it rain in sunshine.

Keep flowing

and awaken life in everything around you,

acknowledging your immortal spirit

in which the Great Mystery reveals and mirrors itself

over and over again.

You have a river in you.

Be that river.

Drink from its spiritual wisdom

and you will expand and heal your soul.

(Lene Rose Copyright)


What makes your spirit fly?


Who are you without your wings?


What grounds you?


Who are you without your roots?


"Mother Earth never wished for herself to become a war-zone, an Arena for competition, abuse, hate or self-destruction.

She dreamed of being a healing Garden of peace,

natural beauty and colorful, fruitful growth;

A Planet where all creatures and spirits in the Universe

could be birthed into physical life,

come together and heal,

open our hearts and expand our consciousness,

evolve into deeper compassion for each other

as time went by,

and create magic together<3

What did you dream of coming into this world?"

(Lene Rose Copyright)


"Awaken your inner child,

and embrace your younger self

with compassion, curiosity and love."

(Lene Rose)

My younger nature-loving-nerdy-self.

So nothing new to report here;-)


I was walking into the woods the other day, and suddenly felt a tree calling me from my right. When I looked towards the calling tree, I saw one of my all time favorite proverbs from King Solomon written on a pink note on the tree:

"Above all else, guard your heart,

for it is the wellspring of life"!

(Proverbs 4:23)


Breathing under water


Sky diving


"The serenity

you achieve in heart, soul and mind

surrounded, embraced and loved by nature,

you can't find anywhere else.

It's so pure, profound and true.

- truly one of a kind.

And it sure is kind

to every aspect of you.

And wonderfully free.

For all.

How lucky aren't we?"

(Lene Rose Copyright)


I see you

I see you

without opening my eyes.

I feel you

even though you're far away.

I speak with you

without making a sound or moving my lips.

This is how souls communicate,

beyond the limits

of the brain's illusion of common sense.

Woven together in a sacred

web of light and love,

an invisible, universal soul-empowering catalyst,

that makes the impossible possible.

To live, speak and lead from the heart,

healing together worldwide

with people you never even met

but who's on the same lightworker frequency

as your own inner glorious child.

(Lene Rose Copyright)


Let your soul shine!

You are magnificent!

You are a rare, natural masterpiece

in the eyes of our beloved Mother Earth

and the vast Universe.

If you just took your time and dared to look behind

your layers of protection and safe camouflage,

and dive into the inner essence of your soul,

you would see how wonderful colorful, beautiful powerful

and healing magical you are,

and you would finally find the unique, precious medicine

only you carry in your heart.

Because there is only one of you!

It can be hard to see who you truly deeply are

when your mind is filled with stress, noise, fear

and indoctrinated voices from people

who have lost their divine connection

to the breathgiving, magical source of life.

If you disconnect yourself

from the magical, natural source

of everything sacred that you are,

the vast Mystery that birthed your soul,

how can you ever expect to feel

effortless magical and beautiful?

Take back your birthright!

You came here to be you!

Not to hide in fear,

freezing and starving in the shadows

of other people's life and their opinions of you.

You came here to shine your light;

to be free and magnificent.

Be proud and let your soul shine."

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Soulshine - Allmann Brothers Band


Dear Trolls (and victims), Lene Rose Copyright

Face your inner and outer Trolls!

Grow as we go - Ben Platt

The Troll of Anger


The Troll of Fear


The Troll of natural Healing Transformation <3


Answering the call from the wild, Lene Rose Copyright

Floating peacefully embraced by the divine<3

There is always somebody who sees and carries your tears even if you feel alone.


Safe haven for healing<3



You come to a point in your life

where you have out-grown yourself,

and you are ready to bloom and meet the new world.

Your new reality.

Even though it somehow felt safe being a bud,

you can never go back to being that bud again.

But you will always carry the blueprint of that experience,

because without first being a bud,

you would never been able to flourish and bloom;

to opening your crone, stretching your petals,

seeing the world with new eyes,

and experience to drink from the golden sun

and mirror yourself in its love for you.

Cherish and embrace your journey,

from seed to full flower.

Every step is precious

and dependent upon each other.

And when the time is right,

gracefully wither back to the ground,

to the sacred, nourishing soil,

that birthed your lifeforce,

fulfilling the circle of life.

Enter into a new circle as a seed

and sprout again.

Whenever you are ready

to shed some new layers,

and meet your true self.

(Lene Rose Copyright)


Track your trail

"Into the wild;

determined with an inner smile,

because it is worth the while

discovering your authentic trail.

Finally free to exhale the exile,

coming home-style;

Being true to yourself,

will never fail!"

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Andreas Haukeland (TIX) interview on Lindmo

(about childhood-struggles, loneliness, suicidal thoughts and finding ways to embrace and transform his traumas)

There is a beautiful healing in finding balance:

"I have been the soundtrack to many good times in peoples lives,

but I have the ability to be their soundtrack in bad times too.

(Andreas Haukeland)

TIX - Fallen Angel - Eurovision Contest 2021


Me and my sister with my childhood-idol Hanne Krogh from Norways first international Eurovison-winner Bobbysocks<3


"Sun bathing in darkness never felt more enlightening"

(Lene Rose)



- how to recognize, reframe and release

"Everyday, 22 veterans lose their battle

to post traumatic stress on American soil.

That is 1 veterans every 65 minutes that commit suicide."

Once again Dr Pedram Shojai and Nick Polizzi delivers a heartfelt, wise, healing documentary-series<3 This time the theme is "Trauma" and how to heal from it so it dosent "eat up your life". By facing and admitting our traumas, letting them up to the surface instead of suppressing them, we can use them as a possibility to grow.

Heal your past - Transform your life!


By healing and releasing your traumas, you make room for something new and refreshing to enter your life. Instead of being weighed down with pain and heavy loads, it is fully possible to transform your story from victim to hero, from painful darkness without hope into blossoming growth and light, owning your own story and spread your wings into a brighter future. Trust me, I know!


Music is a powerful tool for soulhealing.

Sing and dance yourself out of the shadows of your traumas into the empowering light of truth<3

"Turn that pain into power!"

(The script - Superheroes)

Praying - Kesha

Alive - Daughtry

The Climb - Miley Cyrus

Fight song - Rachel Platten

Roar - Katy Perry

Eye of the tiger - Survivor

I am still standing - Elton John

Underdog - Alica Keys

Superheroes - The Script

Broken & Beautiful - Kelly Clarkson

Pink & Willow - Cover me in Sunshine

Meghan Trainor - Better when Im dancing


In one of the local forests in my home-town we have "Kjærlighetsstien" - "The Path of love". Its so cute with 3 donated wooden handmade benches, one with "No", one with "I am not sure yet" and "Yes", to help you navigate on your relationship-journey with yourself and with other people in your life. So beautiful energy<3 Every community should have a magical path like this!


Celebrate your love for Mother Earth in a unique and fun way this Valentine's weekend! Tree Sisters is collaborating with Merit Motion Pictures making an special online Valentine’s screening of Call of the Forest - an exceptional film about the importance of the world’s forests. There will also be a live Q&A Zoom call on the 18th of February that focuses on the impacts of wildfires on the global forest.

(TreeSisters is a women-led tropical reforestation and social change organisation that has so far funded the planting of over 15 million tropical trees! TreeSisters' aim is to make it as normal to give back to Nature as it currently is to take Nature for granted, supporting the transition of humanity from a consumer species to a restorer species by blending gender equality, behavior change, activism, and ecological restoration. TreeSisters is an invitation to anyone ready to step up on behalf of the planet.)


"To every tree

that have ever produced free,

clean and lifegiving oxygen to me

during my life;

thank you, thank you, thank you

from the inner chambers of my heart

and every alveoli of my lungs;

I am beyond grateful,

I respect you,

I owe you

and love you deeply!

My life would not be possible

without you......."

(Lene Rose)


This winter has just been a never ending season of magic, beauty, friendships and happy people.....Cant remember the last winter like this.... frozen lakes with school-classes, kinder-gardens and whole families ice-skating, bonfires at the beaches and in every local forest people are cross-country-skiing.....and they smile and laugh, and its a nostalgic energy and atmosphere all over the place. I feel so grateful and privileged to experience this, and to live in a country with so much freedom, nature and beauty, and in a community with few people, that even in these times of the world, we can enjoy fresh air, activity and healing outdoors, keeping our distance, but still being together.


Lake-skiing in town, Lene Rose Copyright


Lake-night-skating, Lene Rose Copyright


The jungle speaks to me

because I know how to listen..."

(Mowgli - The jungle book)


"Look deep in to nature,

and then you will understand everything better."

(Albert Einstein)


Pure love<3


"Do you want to build a snowman?"

(Frozen 1)

"Just do it!"




Shaking, breaking, crying, flying.

This is the way of the heart.

There is freedom out there

if we just dare to look inside ourselves

for the truth in our own story.

After heavily rainy days,

spread your beautiful wings

and the heavens will open up a pathway for you.

Let yourself breathe. Let yourself soar.

And you will see what you do not see.

Peel, reveal, feel and heal.

This is the way of the soul.

Be an faithful observer.

But also authentically speak up.

Give your truth wings.

Behold, be bold, root hold, unfold.

This is the way of life.

(Lene Rose Copyright)


"....And since we have no place to go,

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…"

(Jule Styne)

After a year time-out from humans,

Mother Earth has restored and healed a lot.

And for the first time in many years,

she finally gifted my hometown

with a beautiful cold, snowy winter

as a winter in balance should be

at this time of year in Norway<3



Will you hear a tale

of when the time stood still?

Where the flowing river

stops still, then it freeze.

Will you cry with that river?

To warm its water up;

Or will you pass by it?

As it will never matter.

Will you enjoy the frozen view?

As it beautifully stood still;

Or will you weep with it?

As its cracking within.

(The Fading Moon)


The first full moon of 2021<3

The bold, powerful and magical full Wolf Moon!

Connect with your inner wolf and howl to the moon;

release all your fear, pain, struggles, burdens, sorrow, shock and traumas to the moon tonight, and feel the deep healing and bonding between the moon and your soul; like a soothing, golden balm embracing, strengthening and protecting your heart-space so you heart can sparkle and shine with warmth during the cold winter darkness.

"Grow your Lotus out of the mud!"

Lene Rose


"I am in awe of flowers.

Not because of their colors,

but because even though

they got dirt in their roots,

they still grow.

They still bloom."

D Antoinette Joy



"It may be

that some little root

of the Sacred Tree

still lives.

Nourish it then,

that it may leaf and bloom

and fill with singing birds.

Hear me,

not for myself,

but for my people;

I am old.

Hear me

that they may once more

go back into the sacred hoop

and find the Good Red Road,

the shielding tree."

(Black Elk Medicine Man)


Get Rooted

"Remember your roots!

Be kind to nature.

Nature is around you and inside you.

You ARE nature.

You can never separate yourself from nature,

even how hard you try.

You have the same source.

The same air is breathing us all.

The same Earth is carrying us all.

Be kind to nature.

What you do to nature,

you do to yourself."

(Lene Rose Copyright)


Three of my favorite words:


I love harmonious friendships<3

And flowers.......

Lovely, harmonious friendships with flowers.

Come flourish with me!


Enjoying so so much formulating and producing my own plant-medicine and line of 100% natural and organic handmade skincare! It is so healing, peaceful, fulfilling and like a sacred, rejuvenating meditation! This is the latest member to my handmade rose-family: a 100% organic pink skin-balm packed with organic flower-petals and fruit-oils. The pink color is solely from pink rose-petals <3 For everything dry and cracked; hands, heels, elbows, lips and as a bandage over your heart-space<3


Warm Golden milk! One of my favorite homemade beverages<3 Made with organic oat-milk, local organic raw honey, organic extra virgin coconut-oil, and a whole lot of powerful organic Indian spices; black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, tumeric, vanilla-bean, ginger, clove-bud and more... A boost to your body, heart, mind and soul<3 And to day is the Day of the Tulips, so of course they had to join in the picture. Have a magical, flower-power, spicy, blossoming Tulip-day!


"There she was...

standing, barefoot,

on the shore of all that would be.

The earth whispered her name.

And she had faith.

She was ready.

She wanted to show the world how to love,

how to open up and how to embrace each other.

She was ready to be the change."

Margo Awanata

New Year Ocean Detox, Lene Rose

On line with the Universe<3


The new year greeted me so lovely with pure new canvases ready to be explored and lived; frozen, grounding sand and soothing pastel-colored sky. In these times in the world I really dont take all this beauty, peace and blessings for granted<3


"As I return to the ocean of my heart,

I am received as a child again

in a thousand arms of compassion."

Sage Mauer


An original healing journey

Everyones healing-journey is sacred. There are as many ways to healing as there are people on this planet and beyond. There are funny ways, crazy ways, serious ways, beautiful ways, creative ways, systemic ways, intuitive ways, boring get it; A LOT of ways. And one way is not really more right than the other. My experience is that to heal to wholeness and inner peace you have to find something that speaks and resonate with YOU. Not with your parents, not with your lover, not with your neighbor, or sister, but with YOU!!!! So many try to copy the exact healing-pattern or -method as other people have succeed with, and find that it doesnt work for them at all. What is lifegiving to one person can be devastating to another, because we are all rare, unique individuals and none of us have been on the exact same journey through life with the exact same baggage, traumas and experiences. So its impossible that the same recipe will work out exactly the same way for everyone. The trick is to find something that feels right in your heart, soul, mind and bones and stick with it for a period of time. Because in the beginning there will be a lot of resistance and fear from the brain against going into the heart and soul and open up the wounds and traumas to the light. They have taken refuge in the dark, been stored a way for a looooong period of time, and there are layers to be peeled, emotions to be felt, and fears to face. So you have to be prepared for the journey of your life. I always love to see creative ways to help people come into the depths of their soul, their inner child, their anger, their sorrow, their pain, their boundaries.....and see them, after the breakthrough, blossom into life, courage and childlike joy.

Here is a link to a really unconventional approach to transcendence:

A Indian master who took a group of people on a motorcycle-ride on crazy, fearful cliff-roads in the Himalayas to find their inner sane and peaceful path to freedom. You can watch it as a docu-series or you can buy it as a expanded course-series with Dharma-talks etc (NB! I am NOT sponsored, I just enjoy watching different ways to healing. So much to learn from everyone going through transformation!)


Soon to be released at a sacred, wild area near you!

Sci-fi-pictures presents: “A sign - The start of our strictly limited future”…..wait...this must be an old one. We have already done this over and over; penetrated our flag in the soil, claimed Mother Earth as our human-right property, treating her as our personal slave, by force removing her huge beautiful areas of open and free greenlands to rule in our human”kind” unique way; graciously making room for pavements, concrete, buildings, industry, pollution, cars, subways, tunnels, railways, fast food, security systems, traffic-lights, signs and laws…...Watch out for the red warning triangles, they will guide you safely towards a happy, healthy, free life……..or was it the other way around?..............

I think the bird with petroleum oil-kissed wings and a neon plastic-ribbon stress-fully wrapped around his claw, moving his family out of the city while taking a quick tour above the river sewage stench, singing intensely from his heart as the small-winged family leave the borderline state of the human race life, is trying to tell me something. But birds of course cant talk, so i don't listen to that kind of conspiracy madness. What does he know. He is just a stupid bird. I am an intelligent human, craving progress. I know what I am doing. I am smart. Or was it the other way around? ..........

Help, I need a sign……or many signs really, to guide me on the golden brick path of true sovereignty in the human-made breathe-less jungle of concrete surrounded by fences of solid steel........

Enjoying the ride?

(Lene Rose Copyright)


"I love those random memories

that make me smile,

no matter what is going on in my life right now."

(Lessons learned in life)

"Sometimes you will never know

the value of something

until it becomes a memory"

Dr Seuss


Down the memory lawn

"Some days I wish I could go back in life.

Not to change anything, but to feel a few things twice."


I love going through my old photo-albums with real, non digital pictures; they are so real that they have started fading in colors and are becoming blurry. Back then we could not check the outcome of the pictures before we got them back from the store. So they were never "perfect", they were just taken in the moment, no posing, no expectations. They were rare gems capturing a moment in time that was precious. There were no filters, no photo-shopping, no cloud to store them away in, no digital tools that did the photo-book-work for you. We just embraced the pictures and ourselves as we were, and afterwards sitting for hours on the floor cutting pictures, gluing them into albums and writing about the sacred experience.

The picture above is me and my little sister; Me multitasking babysitting her at the same time as I was performing my duty of mowing the lawn; a huge lawn, that took over two hours to finish. She held on tight from the start to the end. It was like a peaceful healing meditation, despite the heavy noise from the engine. Being close to those you loved was the ultimate happiness and fulfillment in life, working or not. Sometimes even the other kids in the street jumped onboard to keep company or just to be in a space of love. It was so beautiful and effortless. These were the days when the idea of putting "social" and "distancing" or "social" and "media" in the same context, would be as sinful as swearing loud and clear in church. The only thing that mattered was to be together, being a safe haven for each other and the most immune-strengthening, safest thing you could do in the world was to be close to those you loved and who cared for you, protecting each other with our whole hearts and bare hands.

"Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone."

Mitch Albom



- Becoming Fully Human -

Moving through current challenges into thriving. prospering and richness of life!

Hosted by Brooke Medicine Eagle.

"And so castle made of sand

fall in the sea eventually...."

(Jimi Hendrix)


"A dream is a wish your heart makes!"

(Lily James, Cinderella)

Look at the picture below. What if this was the new normal? That would be one of my dreams come true! Even better; what if there was a regulation that made all unethical, non-organic, non-fairtrade firms to write "This product is made by suffering children/slaves in hazardous working environment", "This product is made solely of toxins and human/animal/environmental hazards and is a threat to your health and life", "Not a single piece of this product is recyclable or healthy", "The ingredients in this product are scientific linked to cancer, infertility and asthma", "None of the people involved in this production have been treated well or got enough paid".....and I can go on....Would you still buy this product?

It is kind of up-side-down that the environmental protecting, organic, fairtrade, ethical productions have to mark their products "fairtrade", "organic", "ethical", "recyclable", "environmental-friendly", "non GMO", "no petrochemicals" etc, instead of the ones doing harm have to mark their products with "not fairtrade", "not natural or organic","not ethical", "not recyclable", "loaded with GMO, neuro-toxins, hydrogenated bleached oils and petrochemical bi-products"......Sadly, in most countries there is no law that demands firms to give out information to common people about who and what has been involved in their production. When it comes to the ingredients of a product, it is very often camouflaged in the ingredient list as a chemical scientific cool name, and then you go ahead and buy it without reflections or questions, because you think it is safe since it made it to the marked.

"The story of cosmetics"

I did the same (most of us do); Trusted blindly and did not question any product that was for sale.....Not until 20 years ago, when I was so filled up with medications and exhausted with allergies, eczema, breathing problems, migraine and infections. I also got the messages that I was infertile because of polycystic ovary syndrome and needed treatment and surgery to ever maybe be able to have a baby. I refused to undergo synthetic hormone treatment and surgery. To me and my body that didnt feel right. I felt something else was the root-cause of this, and I wanted to know what and why I had developed these symptoms; I started to read, study and educate myself and made a big life-style change over night. I started reading the labels on my products (cosmetics, make-up, food, washing powders, cleaning products, clothing etc) and was shocked about the findings. I threw them all away. I shifted over to a natural, organic way of living and bought much less products of everything (simplify your life; less is more:-)) and started making my own products or bought fairtrade and organic cosmetics, makeup, washing-and cleaning products. I bought natural clothes instead of clothes made with polyester and acrylic fibers etc. I began making all my food from bottom with pure, organic ingredients and also took away some ingredients and products in my life like perfume, make-up, alcohol, sodas, all foods that contained caffeine, refined sugar, wheat etc that my body really did not want or liked. It turned out I didnt really like them either, it was more like an addiction to the ingredients and products or had become a habit......I also made a personal choice to get off my medications (they had too much side-effects that made me worse), and I started with herbs instead to support my digestion, immune-system and mucus-membranes. It took a year, and all my symptoms that I had been struggling with for over a decade was gone !!! (And they have never come back:-))It was unreal and really, really true at the same time<3 I was even free from the my ovary-syndrome and the cysts had "miraculous" disappeared, as the doctor said. I was not even infertile anymore, and I got pregnant!!!! Only through a natural solution; detoxing and balancing my home and my body back to nature<3

Remember that you "vote" with you money; what you buy and put your money on, you support the growth of.....What is it that YOU want to see grow and thrive? If you buy alcohol and tobacco, the alcohol and tobacco-industry will expand and thrive. If you buy fast-food, the fast-food industry will expand and thrive. If you buy local, organic food, the organic farms and farmers will expand and thrive, if you support the ethical, fairtrade industry, that industry will expand and thrive.....It is your choice, AND YOUR CHOICE MATTERS!!!!

Why is it the human race find it so much easier to work against nature instead of team up and work together with it and co-create? Just think of all the magical, humble powerful, healing things we could accomplished working together with our Mother Earth lifting, inspiring, supporting us with her wind in our backs, surfing her waters? It would truly be a grounded, floating, mind-blowing dream team<3

(PS! I am not sponsored!!!! I just love to buy, support or be surprised by finding people and firms doing an honest work with love and compassion.

PPS! So its not really true that there is "No Tears", because I cry from happiness every time I see initiatives like this:-))


Human-made network-communicator 


Mother Earth -made network-communicator


"There is more to life than increasing its speed"

(from "Christmas pen pals" movie)

"Utvidet Øyeblikk = Expanded Moment!"

Passed by this gem on my nature-walk today!

Seems like somebody officially have started

this years outdoor Christmas -word-decoration:-)

If YOU should write ONE sacred word

or ONE sacred sentence from your heart

to put on your own tree or on a community tree,

what would it be?


"This the season to be jolly..."

Not as easy as it may seem?

Surround yourself with boughs of Holly,

and spread her beautiful Spirit-Medicine<3

Lene Rose

(PS! Do not eat the Holly berries - they are not edible. But you can use the fresh leaves to make floweressence-medicine from, or you can put fresh or dried leaves in a cup of boiled water and drink as a tea. Holly leaves has traditionally been used as folk-medicine against cough, flu, fever, bronchitis, pneumonia, constipation and joint-inflammation/-pain.


The evening-sky is in powerful and peaceful



The sky is seriously, luckily NOT the limit<3

Lene Rose

Color your world!

“To be colorful and live a colorful life, doesn't mean that you're constantly full of energy, or that you are always dancing in flower meadows and are carefree happy all the time. It means that you stay true to your every color, your every emotion, your heart and soul; that you express who you are in every moment and stay true to everything you are and everything you feel in your essence and use that full spectrum of colors in your greeting and meeting with the world. Life isn't black an white. There will never just be good days where you feel on the top of the world, and there will never just be bad days where you can't handle anything and just feel useless and worthless. There's a whole range of different days, different emotions, different colors, different unexpected things that happen. Every day count, so MAKE every day count. Every day is a page or a chapter in your life. You decide how you will make those pages come to life so your true story will be written in the book of life. To be colorful and live a colorful life is about choosing your authentic self over and over again, finding small pockets of magic in your everyday life and transforming suffering and sadness into experience and wisdom and being able to be and express your own true nature!”

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

This is how you walk on"

from the beautiful, magical, both heartbreaking and heartwarming movie Gifted<3

Still crying ......! Highly recommended.


The wisdom and love of true teachers

The picture below is me, ready to take off for my very first day at school. I still remember how scared I was, and how I could feel that my world was going to change. I had talked to my flower-spirit-friends in the garden some days before about this "school-project" of the grown-up-world, and the wild soul in me couldnt breathe by the thought of going into school being "civilized"educated. I was sure I was going to die from lack of fresh air, movement, spirit and wilderness. But a strange thing happened; I loved school and almost every single teacher from all the years of my education. They became family, they cared on a level beyond the level of knowledge. They added life-experience, truth, pure soul and wisdom to their teachings. I felt loved, seen, respected and valuable, and it was a well needed time-out from turmoil and pain at home. They taught us to listen carefully, be present, observe and be disciplined, but also to question, reflect and dare to challenge what they said and taught us;

“What we tell you and teach you today, has already been changed many times, and in the future what we tell you and teach you today, will be changed over and over again. Don't believe everything you hear or read, dare to think for yourselves and ask constructive questions, or you will be led astray along the way and loose your path. Sadly everything taught in school or life is not always for the good of all, even though it may have started out as a good intention. Money came in. Power came in. Sovereignty came in. Competition, fear and control took over. Always do your best, be polite and always be authentic and true to your own heart, that's all that we require from you. And remember that the ones who have written our history usually are the ones who survived or won, the ones with the most influence, money and connections. Always try to remember those who fell, were murdered, died, suffered injustice and poverty, they who were silenced, what story would they tell?

What was their truth? "

And then they showed us this short-movie from 1981 based on a experience of a high-school history class in April, 1967, in Palo Alto, California:

What we don't reflect on, question or heal,

we will repeat……….

Thank you from the inner chambers of my heart to all my beautiful wise childhood/youth teachers, pawing the way with compassion, passion and heart, supporting and cheering me to find my own voice, by being authentic leaders with bravery, courage, truth, honesty, humor, respect, empathy and love. I feel so blessed and dont take any of you for granted! You are forever in my heart<3


“ Silent night, holy night!

All is calm, all is bright.

Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child.

Holy infant so tender and mild,

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace”

(Joseph Mohr)

“There is something truly sacred about the night-time.

I love sneaking out, walking in the dark at night

embraced by stars and moonlight

when everybody has gone to bed.

The stillness, the magic, the tender whisper of nature spirits

are so powerful when pace slows down in humantown.

It's like you can touch the air;

it's so clean cut fresh and visible at night,

and it swirls around you in childlike joy,

embracing and hugging you

like a warm blanket of invisible comforting wool.

I find peace in darkness. It empowers me.

It heals. It loves.

It brings peace to the soul.”

(Lene Rose Copyright)

“I have loved the stars too fondly,

to be fearful of the night”

Sarah Williams


"Someone I loved once

gave me a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand

that this too, was a gift."

Mary Oliver

“Instead of fighting the darkness,

you bring in light”

Eckhart Tolle

“Only in darkness you can see the stars”

Martin Luther King junior


Shadows of the past

“When people ask me:

“Why do you bother using your life diving into your own

and other people's wounds, soulscapes and shadow-selves?

It is just a waste of time!”

My answer is a question:

Why do humans who have claimed sovereignty

and ranged their intelligence higher

than all plants and animals, all other life really,

use their brains and life on fighting,

terrorizing, starting wars, raping, polluting Mother Earth, murdering, making hard core porn, cheating,

violating and abusing children,

replacing their natural born bodies

with plastic and chemicals

and feeling beautiful in toxicity?

To me all that is both tragic, painful

and a waste of good life.

And if their answer is because they are traumatized,

angry at the world, themselves or their bodies,

have low self esteem, doesn't feel worthy,

are sick, bored or just for fun (which is also sick),

that will be my confirmation to why diving

into our shadow-selves, soulscapes and wounds

are so precious use of time;

To prevent. To heal. To make inner (and outer) peace.

To be whole.

To make the world and ourselves

healthy and beautiful the natural, loving way again.

Unhealed shadows of the past,

shadows our future.

Sacred Earth Tribe, beautiful Soul-family;

- Let us heal!”

(Lene Rose Copyright)


" Audrey Hopkinson would have turned 34 on November 25,

the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

It is also the day the Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses publishes its annual femicide list. This year, Hopkinsons name will be on

that list. Hopkinson was a nurse and a mom in Brockville, Ont.

She was expecting her third child when she was killed in her home

on April 1 by her partner, who then killed himself, according to Brockville police. "So sad and such an awful time with all the messaging around;

Stay at home, stay at home."

It happened less than a month into the pandemic lockdown in Ontario.

The week before, the world Health Organization (WHO) warned the pandemic could "exacerbate risks of violence of women"; As distancing measures are put in place and people encourage to stay at home, the risk of intimate partner violence is likely to increase, the WHO stated in a report released on March 26. "She was a beautiful soul. She is our guardian angel. We have lanyards now that we wear (commemorating her)", Melissas Adams (Hopkinsons best friend) said. "She lives on within our hospital and within each of us. She was an amazing nurse, an amazing mom and I was blessed to have her as a friend"

(reported by Julie Ireton, CBC NEWS)

There is so much trauma, hurt and pain out there and people doing so much heavily bad stuff to others initiated by their infected wounds and traumas. But there is also so much healing, love, compassion, empathy, hope and beautiful souls that have healed and help other people heal and feel valued, respected and loved.

As a long time (past) victim of mental, emotional and physical abuse myself, I know the pain and trauma, and they are heavily dark, freezing cold and real as hell. But I also know its possible to feel and heal and find warmth, joy, hope, light, value and purpose post trauma. To see inspiring people like Matt Brown (supported by his wife Sarah and their adorable children), a survivor of family violence and childhood sexual abuse, working towards ending the cycle of domestic and family violence, creating violent free communities, makes my heart smile with hope and joy like the sun and cry like a river at the same time:

"Our world is full of hurt children stuck inside adult bodies.

Its time to heal.

Healing our world begins with healing ourselves.

Our children are watching and learning from us.

Every single thing OUT THERE begins with IN HERE.

WITHIN OURSELVES is where we begin".

(from instagram: @sheisnotyourrehab)

Thank you Matt for creating this platform for healing<3 Its so beautiful seeing men using their life, energy and time on shining light on our collective shadows and wounds to heal their own family patterns and help others heal on behalf of children, women and their own inner child.

The (Knights of the) old code is not lost<3

"A knight is sworn to valor,

His heart knows only virtue,

His blade defends the helpless,

His might upholds the weak,

His word speaks only truth,

His wrath undoes the wicked."

True Blue Hour

"The true blue hour;

The time for truth and magic to be revealed,

infusing together and creating true magic.

True magic is in the small things in the every day life;

Its in the gratitude of the experience of living,

of being in a physical body, of breathing fresh air,

in bathing in a pure water river,

in a sacred seed ready to sprout,

in kissing the Earth with your bare feet,

in communicating with nature,

in the heartfelt laughter of a child,

in a sunrise or a sunset, in birds singing,

a leaf swirling in the wind,

in a dark sky lit up with stars and the full moon,

of connecting with each other on a heart level,

but most of all to welcome and embrace stillness

and listen to the sacred music of the Earth,

the rhythmical pulse of the Universe

and the deepest, purest song in your soul....."

(Lene Rose Copyright)


Whisper words of wisdom

"It is not always those who speak the loudest or most

who have the most honest or wisest to say.


Silence can sometimes express more

than all the words in the world.

Just take a look around you

or inside yourself;

and see all the people who is silenced,

but wear and carry it with dignity.

The sound of silence - speaks loud……..


And for the right words the time is always right……

“Beautiful, Sacred Earth Tribe unite”

Words of wisdom whisper...."

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Little Red Riding Hood (me) and my sacred wolf (read; my adorable dog Cara Bella) and two of my magical, lovable, trustworthy, hardcore Fairy Godmothers.

All you need is love!

I still in my grown-up-years really believe that is true

into the inner essence of my heart and core.

In though times we all need a guiding light from above!

So never shoot a girl for believing in sweet fairy-tales;.

They have carried soldiers through war before!"

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Recommended book:

Random acts of heroic love (2007) - Danny Sceinmann (based on real stories)

Tilfeldige tegn på heroisk kjærlighet - (2007) Danny Scheinmann (basert på sanne historier)

First love starts young....So grateful for beautiful, unforgettable childhood-sweethearts-memories. They are so sweet and innocent, often short-lived though, but they carry stories for a lifetime<3 


Remember Life

"Can you remember life

before we became A4 robots?

How life was like confetti


magical, colorful and sparkling,

and there were unexplored wonders



Can you remember life

before we became A4 robots?

When you were connected

with your innocent star-essence,

your pure soul,

being fully present

absorbed by the limitless, timeless moment?

When the heart-bursting joy

was a blue balloon?"

(Lene Rose Copyright)


The old lakota was wise;

He knew that a man's heart,

away from nature,

becomes hard.

He knew that a lack of respect

for growing, living things

soon led to lack of respect for humans too.

So he kept his children close

to nature's softening influence."

Luther Standing Bear


Raw Beauty

"Mother Earth is an artist

that never seems to stop surprising me

with her magic and natural, rare raw beauty.

Her creations are one of a kind.

They are breathtaking.

Just look at this no filter Calendula flower!!!!

The moment we start editing,

photoshop or filtering her masterpieces,

her originals,

they becomes copies or fake….

and they loose their magic, their natural beauty,

their soul-essence….

Mother Earth forgot to copyright her creations….

I guess she had too much faith and trust

in the human race

to respect her sacred, natural born art. "

(Lene Rose Copyright)


This colorful Brady bunch always put a big smile on my face and in my heart, and contributed to a lovable Halloween just with their childlike presence<3


On this Halloween Fullmoon night, I want to take the time to broadcast my sincere appreciation and deep love for my beloved Hugo, who has stood faithfully by my side since the year 1996. I could never ever have passed my Physical Therapist exams back then without you; you guided me, supported me and silently believed in me all the way; being deadly serious and bone solid. You were my rock! It was love at first sight the day I found you online, and some days later you showed up at my doorstep ready to study anatomy with me. You made me fall in love with, respect and appreciate my bones, how vital they are for my being and function. And we had so much fun during my student-years, but also moving back home after my studies, driving the car with your arms hanging out of the luggage-door, making people scream. So young we were, its been 24 years since then, and you havnt changed a cell.

Sadly we have grown apart during the years, and now it was time to let you go.....and I am so grateful that my brother and his family have welcomed you into their home with open arms; immediately gave you a cool shirt, a hat and you even got my brothers skater shoes, (guess hes going for barefoot skating from now on)....since I left you naked all the time for my own needs. I am so sorry, hope you one day will forgive me.....It was so lovely to visit you during fullmoon today and see that you really seem to thrive among your new friends and family, being free, being dressed (still lack trousers though....), relaxed and chill, without having to work and slave for me anymore. I owe you so much, and I love you so much! Thank you for all the crazy memories we created. You are for ever in my heart, my dear Hugo - the skeleton of my anatomy studies....


So powerful with real and raw people showing vulnerability, pain, sorrow, longing, love and wisdom from their lifes journey and traumas.....

Andrea Gibson;

The nutritionist

Homesick - A plea for our planet

"Oceans separate lands,

not souls"


I love flowers. And I love being creative. So being able to be creative with flowers just make my happiness complete. Yesterday the rain was pouring down, perfect Autumn-weather, and I went to harvest some wild plants in the fields in my neighborhood. I found Ladys Mantle, English Plantain, Pea Flower leaves, straws, berries, Maple leaves, Male fern and Female fern, grasses among others.......


Earlier that day I had bought some fairtrade roses and tulips in the local supermarket. They were selling them for 20 NOK (2 dollars) per bouquet, since they were dying and didnt look as good as the other flowers in the store. I bought one bouquet of orange roses, one with orange-red roses and one with orange-red tulips, I took them home, cared for them, and they came back to life. When they were strong enough, I used them to make Halloween-Autumn-flower-decorations together with the wild plants I had harvested. I used some flower-urns that I already had at home. I had saved some hemp and cotton-ribbons from past Christmas-presents, so I re-used them in the arrangements. I also found some organic cinnamon-bark, wooden hearts, and some small, sparkling Christmas decorations at home, that I wired to some branches.


So this is how you make a Autumn-decoration for under 100 NOK (under 10 dollars) if you combine some "dying" flowers in the local store with the free local, wild plants<3 And the magical thing is that you can eat this whole decoration afterwards if your hungry:-) Well maybe not the small glitter balls, though.......but the rest is edible.


So with the flower arrangements finished and put together with some candles and pumpkins, we are ready for full moon, Halloween, Samhain and magical celebration:-)


Does it matter if your black or white?

Have you ever thought of

who decided that a humans life and value

should be defined solely by the color of your skin?

Nothing more. Nothing less. "Just" skin-color....

Every change in the world

always originate from one person's idea.

Who had that idea?

Who took that power to define such a thing?

Who woke up one morning and just decided

that would be a good idea, an important mission?

And even worse;

who would support that savage suggestion and give it life……

If you think all white people are supremely smart,

this just proves that theory really wrong.

Don't we have better things to do

with our precious time on earth?

Instead of using our time

to put people into different color boxes?

What is the meaning and value in that?

Where is the sanity in that?

We are all brothers and sisters on this living planet.

Life is the whole box of beautiful, magical, mysterious

colorful crayons.

Why would you trade your energy, your life-giving chi,

on judging the skin of your own family?

Can't you see how fucked up that is?

You don't choose your skin your in.

But you have to live in it your whole life.

That's hard enough for people, if the color on their skin

shouldn't lay more burden on it.

If you judge people solely based on their color,

maybe you should take a deep look into

the color of your own soul.

Because it's never about color, its never been about color,

it's always about heart.

You should be defined by your heart and soul;

Who you truly deeply are in this world.

The skin is just a wrapping of the PERSON inside.

And that person matters.

That soul matters.

That beating heart matters!

Let that person and the persons personality radiate.

Let them share their inner world, their hopes and dreams,

their life's journey; their losses and battles, their traumas.

Get to know them!

Then you can judge.

Youll see, they are not so unlike me and you.

They are also human.

Searching for love and respect...

And then you might wake up one morning

claiming some answers from the person

who started the wave of making skin color matter.

Because it's just insane.

That we gave one person that power.

Because one person isn't powerful enough

to do things like that alone, without followers.

It must have been a deeply traumatized, lonely soul

that lost track of the path of love and unity

and wanted to get back on the world, instead of daring to admit pain and letting the wounds heal.

No doubt he was scarred and needed help.....

instead we allowed him and supported him on the quest to

to turn the world upside down

and worship fear, prejudice and separation.

Please don't follow in those footsteps.


It will not heal anything or right any wrongs.

We all have a choice!

Make some colorful footprints instead!


And in your heart you know all this.

Cause we are all from the same source of eternal light.

Until we forget our source and take another path,

by free will.

Hate prisons us and separates.

Love sets us free and unites.

Let love shine!

Because it doesn't matter if you're black or white.

What matters is that we re-unite!

Pleace consider supporting that matter ;

of becoming one big colorful family,

one magical Earth-Tribe<3

(Lene Rose Copyright)


This to me is just pure magic! Early in the morning I felt a calling, an urge to drive into the family cottage, where I havnt been for a while. It was so quiet end empty. Peaceful and beautiful. And I went barefoot in the grass. Still so powerful green, despite autumns embrace, but the ground was freezing, so I had to warm it with love and tender touch from my feet. And even though it is soon to be winter here, the garden was overflowing with flowers. And I got permission from the garden-spirits to collect as much as I wanted; the flowers would otherwise freeze and die. They reached towards me, wanted to be chosen, and I felt a childlike grateful giggle inside. So I collected as much as I could carry to my car, and my heart smiled all the way home with my soul filled up with grace. So today I got to make beautiful flower arrangements<3 Pure, natural joy and happiness! So lifegiving......


And my happiness was complete when I saw the new version of The secret garden was released! I have been waiting patiently, like a child for Christmas presents....


Life in Four Seasons

A beautiful soul with a big heart made a magical short-film<3

All you need is love. And love awakens hope. And hope awakens courage. And courage built from love and hope sets you free....

Free for a short periode of time:



This work of waking up more deeply

and growing up more fully

is a very high form of activism.

Every action you take

is infused with your current inner state.

States of consciousness are highly contagious.

Is your current state worth catching?

Scott Schwenk


"Once you master your inner seas,

no wave can ever throw you off balance."

Spirit Daughter


"The small, natural things in the world,

have always had the greatest value to me

and brought me the purest form of happiness!"

Lene Rose

My fury, little babygirl Joy has fallen in love with flowers

just like her mum<3


"There is nothing more spiritual to me

than wildflowers......

They carry so much natural beauty,

grace, humble power, unconditional love,

sacred medicines and grounded support.

They lift my spirit

and feed me with neverending hope, love, joy, gratitude, strength and courage.

Everything about them are

magical, mysterious and divine<3"

Lene Rose


From Mother Nature with grounded love......


Live or Lie

"If you dont mean it,

dont say it.

It is just a waste of everybodys time.

Especially your own.

And its just disrespectful to your true self

and the receiver of your lies.

A life built up on and lived in lies

is not a life;

Its a lie.

An illusion.

A happy heart filled with love

is not able to lie.

Lies come from a broken heart,

and break other peoples hearts.

Its the most infectious thing.

And its killing our spirit slowly.

So be true to your childlike heart.

That will heal your heart

and make you happy.

There is nothing more real and raw

than an authentic lived life.

Thats what we came here for<3

Lene Rose Copyright


"Everything in life

is in essence about balance,

in both our inner and outer world.

But to find and maintain balance,

we need to ground ourselves to the Earth,

be present and flowing,

allow natural growth and evolution,

and reconnect with the wise, pure, spiritual core

of our sacred hearts. "

(Lene Rose Copyright)


Fields of gold

I walked barefoot for hours on the beach is pure magic, healing and meditation in one......When I drove home I had to stop by the farm-fields nearby, because they where lit up in golden barley embraced by sun-rays (A picture will never be able to capture the divine in that breathgiving experience....). I love Autumn; its color, its mysteries, the freshness in the air, the wind, the rain, that fruits and berries have ripened and fall to the ground, the leafs that leave the trees, exposing their nakedness......A sacred time for rest, hibernation, integration, regeneration, transformation.... To me the Autumn always carry the Spirit of artist and painter Eva Cassidy, whos soulfilled, tender voice I love and always have given me soft chills to the inner chambers of my heart....Even though it will be 24 years this November since she left the earthly realm, her love and angelic presence is so so powerful in Autumn. I can feel her whisper when the winds moves through the fields. And even though "Fields of gold" is Stings song, I still feel it belongs to her bare, golden soul.......


"A mind that is stretched by

a new experience

can never go back to

its old dimensions.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes


"When most people see flowers they see beauty, colors, shapes and smell their natural fragrance. But what most people dont see, is that looking into a flower, reflects who you are. The flower is sending back to you the ability to look into your own soul-essence from their soul-essence. They mirror you. They see you, they greet you, they think you are beautiful and want you to see yourself through their “eyes” and reconnect with your own nature; your wild and free magical spirit. You dont loose your magic because you grow up. You loose your magic when you allow people to dim it! Look deeply into the flowers that show up on your lifes journey, and they will help you remember who you are......"

(Lene Rose Copyright)


The other L Word, Lene Rose Copyright

The person you really need to marry

"Anchor yourself in authenticity

and stand solid and proud in your powercenter."

Lene Rose 



Every time you think you are broken

know this; you are never really breaking.

Nobody can break an ocean.

Darling, all you are doing

is breaking the glass that is holding you back,

diving deeper into your own depths,

discovering yourself in pockets

of the most somber waves,

rebuilding your heart with coral,

with seaweed, with moon colored sand dust.

So stop trying to hold yourself back inside that glass,

it was never meant to hold you.

Instead, break it,

shatter it in to a thousand pieces

and become who you were always meant to be;

an ocean, proud an whole!

(Nikita Gill)


"Our souls do not speak human language,

they communicate to us through symbols, metaphors,

visions, poetry, deep feelings

and everyday magic...."





If you dry edible wildflowers or edible flowers from your garden or flower-urns during spring, summer and early autumn, you will have colorful, inspiring, nourishing tea packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxsidants to strengthen you, lift your mood and boost your energy during late autumn and wintertime. Remember to compost the leftovers from the tea if you dont eat them/have them in a smoothie, or give them back to nature to a place in your garden, in the forest or a flowermeadow you are grateful for.


Fairy & Tail

Sometimes its more than okay

to just be the effortless, playful child you are inside

your grown-up, serious, responsible body;

wearing a tail, looking for a fairy of hope in the gravel,

making your life a fairy-tale of your own;

your own little world of peace, magic and healing

without anybodys approval or cheer.

It might bring you the most joy and meaning

you felt in a long time.....

(Lene Rose)



So fragile, so unpredictable, so valuable,

so irreplaceable!


as the wings of a butterfly.


as the depth of the lake.


as a mighty hurricane.


as a birds egg in the nest.

Innocent and pure

as a childs heart.

(Lene Rose Copyright)


If you havent watched Marvels Black Panther yet, please do. So much spiritual, shamanic wisdom, love and power in that movie. So much depth and truth. And the devastating choices we face in life.....the inner wounds, demons and battles, but also the search for purpose, respect and justice.

"You are going to struggle,

so you need to surround yourself with people you trust.

You are a good man. With a good heart.

And its hard for good man to be a king....."

(King T Chaka/Black Panther)

"Purpose is an essential element of you.

Its the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history.

Your whole existence is wrapped up in the things

you are here to fulfill.

Remember - the struggles along the way

are only meant to shape you for your purpose....."

(Chadwick Boseman)

This guy - too good to be forgotten, and too young to leave the earthly realm. But you can never regret a lived, authentic life.......An inspiration, a leader, a fighter, a role model, a black superhero, a king, a panther (the spirit-animal and guardian energy for life and death, ability to know the dark,understanding of death and reclaiming your power ), a beautiful, wise soul, but also a vulnerable human being. Sometimes its okay to not be the hardest worker in the room. Sometimes its more than okay to let your guard down and just be a wounded human. Rest in earthstar-soil and rise with your ancestors to reclaim your soulstar-power. Shine bright into the light of the eternal Spirit-world. Thank you for all the humble, powerful footprints you left and all the medicine you gave unconditionally from your heart to the world the sacred time you were walking this earth, Chadwick<3

"Now - more than ever, the illusion of our visions threaten our very existence. We all know the truth; More connect us than separate us. But in times of crises the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers. We must find a way to look after one another as if we were one single tribe....."

(The legacy of King T Challa/Black Panther)

My wise brother bear:......leave a paw-of -authentic-power - imprint while you are here, and your sacred roar will connect you to your ancestor in the heavens.......and make new generations coming out of their caves to roar freedom with you as one tribe, one world.

(Lene Rose)


A customer brought me organic spruce-shoot-syrup that he had made from the spruce-tree in his garden. I am usually not a present-girl, but home-made ones I cant resist. Love when people are creative with what they got around them and make something tasteful and beautiful from nature with love:-)


And when I got organic homemade syrup, of course I had to make organic spelt/oat-pancakes<3


And when the kitchen already was warm in use, I made some organic spelt- brownies and coconut ice-cream......Food is art. Food is love. Food is passion. Food is creation. Food is nutrion. Food is joy. Food is a lifegiving gift from our dearest Mother Earth. To be able to harvest and/or use her gifts with gratitude, is a blessing.

KUMARE - the true story of a false prophet:

(I think this documentary is both heartbreaking and beautiful, and so symbolic in so many ways and in so many cultures and societies....)

You may look at this picture and think; "Ahhhhhhwwww, so cute!" But I will tell you a deep hidden secret; pictures can lie! Because this is me, in my childhood, constantly on the run, trying to fill other peoples (fake) was hard as f***ing hell. Sorry, but thats the honest truth. And I promise you, not worth it at all, neither for my heart, my soul or for my over all well-being......


So....this is me, in my grown-up years, healed and wiser, peaceful and relaxed, embracing and loving filling my own natural cute cotton-/hemp-/linen-shoes. Or just throwing them off, walking barefoot on Mother Earth, feeling to dream again AND enjoy the present time whatever the day brings<3.

Remember - Only you can be the true version of you! Thats your secret sauce........


I will say this over and over again, because I never get tired of this; The plant- and flower-kingdom want our friendship! They want to share their ancient wisdom and sacred medicine with everybody who is willing to open their mind and heart and treat their information with humble respect. They are here to teach us about healing. About being whole. About peace and harmony. And how to reunite with our own soul, hearth and Mother Earth. They are our ancestors. They were here long before we arrived. And they keep us alive with food, medicine and oxygen......Please, show them so love! For all the effort!!!!!! And most importantly; Let them teach you the beautiful secrets of our magical Universe......


If we take care of and care for the plants and flowers, they will take care of and care for us. Sometimes we need their help and sometimes they need our help. It has to go both ways, or else its not a true, authentic friendship or true love.

This beauty, in my little video, was left to be thrown away and die in the grocery-store. They said that there was no hope for her, she was finished, she was starting to rotten away, and there were almost no flowers, and she was drying out into her stem. I asked if I could have her, take her home and make her blossom to life again. She was so small, so exhausted, so little energy left, but I could feel a will to survive and love for life still present in her energy field. So I brought her home. Cared for her. Sang. Talked with her. Sat with her. Gave her flower-remedies, water, fresh air and nutritious soil. And guess what, flowers are not so unlike humans. If they are shown sincere respect, love, patience and support, they will both blossom into their full beautiful, breathtaking potential.........

So next time you are in the grocery-store or at your local florist, look for or ask if they have flowers or plants that they are throwing away. You will be amazed, and saddened, by how many flowers that arnt good enough for the store to sell and for us "perfect" humans to buy......



I am so in love with my hometown........the lands who carried me through all my childhood- and teenager-years, in good times and bad times, gave me food, comfort, support, LOVE, lifeforce, joy, willpower, outdoor freedom, a place to breathe, for all the neighbors believing in me and cheering for me, for all the homemade waffles with strawberry-jam and hot cacao, for all the oranges we put far to many sugarcubes in, for all the soccer-trainings and -matches with sweat, blood and tears and solid values, for all my childhood-friends, so different but yet so alike, and all the tree-huts and cars we built, all the games in the flower fields, all the apples we stole (sorry...!) from the fruit-gardens, the magical playground with birches, ladybugs and butterflies all over the place and all the sour-leaves and rhubarb we ate, all the trolls of stone we created and all the funny snowmen/women (and children) we built, all the deep conversations and the tears, the cute and shy childhood-sweethearts we never dared to approach, for all the crazy sleep-overs with no sleep ("nosleep"-overs) in the playhouses and tents, for the tribe-feeling in our street taking care of each other. There has always been this kind of magical pink energy surrounding my hometown. Making me feel safe even in the middle of a storm. And yesterdays sunset at my hometown-lake reminded me of that, the pink light, hope and protection that is always there; even on cloudy or dark days, the love and comfort that rest in the trees, the sky, the air, the fields, the gardens, the stones, the pavement and houses so many years later, when new people have moved in and some "old" are still left. To move home after so many years away, how the land greeted me and loved me like never before, even though I have been gone for too long. The energy is still here. The invisible love is in the air, and I still feel like the daughter of this magical, sacred place.........

Somewhere along the road of life, we often seem to forget where we came from and what made us in the first place.... a lovely feel-good-film about remembering and going back to our childhearted soul-roots, the real and raw, unedited version of us.


Got myself a new friend in the woods today.

No one is too small, too big, too visible, too invisible

to make my heart smile and my soul sing......

What fills YOUR heart?

What make YOU smile inside out?


Have you ever just stopped to listen

to the serenity of the greenlands?

They are calling for you in their stillness.

Listen with an open heart,

and you will start understanding

their ancient language.

(Lene Rose)


Sun Set, Sun Rise, Sun Set, Repeat.

The circle of life. And light.

Sunsets carry the promise of a new tomorrow,

to everyone hanging out through the night<3

Lene Rose


Beautiful and tender.

Beautiful surrender.

Beautiful transformation.

Beautiful destination.

Lene Rose Copyright


Life - Drops

Feeling grief,

feeling relief.

Feeling cold,

feeling young and old.

Feeling pain,

feeling the rain.

Feeling the howl,

feeling my wild soul.

Feeling the heat,

feeling my heart beat.

Feeling grace,

feeling embrace.

Most of all;

Feeling seen,

more grounded and whole

than I have ever been.

(Lene Rose Copyright)

The pain of loosing and the grace and treasure of having true childhood-friends that changes your life just with their being and for always stays in your heart, even if they leave the physical realm.

Friends that will go to the end of the rainbow with you looking for the treasure, just to discover that the rainbow has no end, its a circle, like the circle of life, and the true treasure is the friendship in the middle of the rainbow, the people who touch our heart and soul while we are on this colorful planet..

Lake of light


Tree of light

Let it flow.....Release.....


Inhale, exhale......Breathe......Let the Universe breathe you.


Be present.....Float along........Be embraced.....


Allow to grow......

When a fire have exterminated everything, when everything seems dead and destroyed, the first greenpeople who arrives at the bournt-down-scene is usually the magical, powerful weeds of fire; the seeds of Fireweed (Geitrams), seeds of hope, so they can bind, build and restore the soil again for growth and new life.......

(PS! Remember these talks are always real and raw and unedited on the go, so, after I have posted it and listen, I can hear myself in the rush saying something wrong like cortisol instead of endorphins when I talk about training. Sorry for that....)

"I am supported. I am not alone in this. I am loved.

And today I start the journey towards accepting and discovering

my own worth.

I'm not going to walk out on myself.

I will fight for who i really am.

I am supported and loved.

I am enough."

(Passionflower-affirmation, Lene Rose, Copyright)


Organic Cow Girl

This beautiful girl is a friend of mine, a cool organic cow, Mrs Milktheway, and as you can see, she is demonstrating how grassfed she is…….She just wanted to check in and see if your were happy with her everyday production, all the foods she and her family contribute in, as a stand alone dairy product or as a “filler”. If you use some of her products, please give her a thumbs up, a heart, a smiley or a like, or just some good old fashion love or a big smile the next time you pass by a field with cows. She would like that. To be appreciated for her efforts. Remember she doesn't get paid…..…..

(Lene rose, Copyright)


Night-Balm-Rose Tea

Hot water

Fresh Wild Rose petals

Fresh Lavender flowerbuds

Fresh Lemonbalmleaves

Fresh Passionflower flower or leaves

Let it sit for 10-15 min and drink up:-)

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Or you can make an ice tea version over night

by putting all the ingredients in a waterbottle of glass in the refrigerator and drink it the night after before going to bed. And you can add a little organic honey or organic ashorn sirup if it feels strange drinking flowers.......Flowers - the nectars of life......


if you dont eat the flowers and leaves (they are all edible) after you have finished your cup, give them back to Mother Earth with gratitude in your compost, in your garden, in a flowerjar or sprinkle it in the woods, in the ocean or in a meadow next time your there!



My Stream-Green-Summer-Smoothie<3

Follow the green path,

and you will find wild, organic food growing for free....


Let Mother Earth guide you to her nourishing treasures.




My magical, angelic, current view. Sunset from my roof.

This to me is priceless.

You dont have to dig for gold, you just have to look up on the sky.

The eternal sun - natures true, pure gold.

And it keeps you and me and everything alive.

To me that is magic. And a miracle.

I can understand why many cultures worship the sun.

Today I am grateful for feeling the touch and warmth

from the same source as my beloved ancestors.

Walking barefoot on the same earth as they walked before us.

My heart is filled with love and gratitude

for this rare experience.

(Lene Rose, Copyright)


The life of a sheep

Dont ever take lead,

ignore your own (heart)beat.

Behave neat.

Walk flat and steep.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Become meat.

The end.


You can dare to take a leap,

when you arrive at the indoctrinated peak,

become an outsider/freak

and your own path seek.

The beginning.

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

Raw and real, unedited as always, musings from my heart and soul about the natural body shaming and the fixed-body praise.

Remember; it is the natural parts of you (the true you), that needs to be loved, not the fake ones. Its easy to love yourself on good days, when you feel fresh and "perfect" and "fixed", but it is the wounded, shattered parts of you that have to be taken out of the darkness, into the light to be acknowledged, embraced, cheered and valued to grow solid, grounded selfesteem and a feeling of inner value that last.

Mother Earths boob:


LEVE (To live)

These guys have made a heartbreaking, wise song that really got into my heart. Its in Norwegian, sadly, but the essence of it is "Help heart is beating for the last time....Mother, they are killing me.......All I ever wanted was to.....LIVE! Was that to much to ask for? Your life gets judged after the the color of your skin.......still we are all bleeding the same color on this earth......"

To breathe or not to breathe, THAT is the REAL question.......Never take a single breath for granted! Take a deep inhale before its to late. Take care of our trees before its to late. No treelungs, no human lungs. Take care of each other. First and foremost, do no harm, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Cause we are all connected. People did not invent the web of life, we are only a thread in the pattern of creation…..

(Lene Rose Copyright)


Down to Earth!

If you for some reason haven't already seen Darin Olien and Zac Efrons ”Down to earth”-series on Netflix (, I encourage you to at least check it out! I loved and got hooked on that this series was so humble, literally down to earth, raw and real, with some refreshing awkward moments and just two nice guys on a new territory, exploring Mother Nature and sustainability with childlike, "wow"ed curiosity. And sadly it also took a heartbreaking turn in the end…….

Through 8 episodes they made me laugh, cry, feel compassion and empathy, awakened my curiosity and gave me new insight, wisdom and knowledge even though I have been”on the green path”, living organically and holistic for 19 years, there is still endless stuff to learn…..

They are not claiming to be professionals in this field, and are not being afraid of showing that this format is new terrain for them. They're just two lovable, kind of wonderful goofy, impulsive mates exploring the natural world with an open heart and mind, wanting to do something meaningful for our planet; To lend their voice to Mother Nature and some of her Earthkeepers, so people can get an insight and awaken to different realities than their own and to natural sustainable solutions. They are not claiming what is right or wrong, but introducing countries, communities and their eco-work and -offer in a fun, interesting way with a childlike curiosity, that won't make you fall asleep of boredom or too many facts. Just enough to awaken interest. Never putting out a strict finger, but just enlighten people on different subjects and giving a teaser on how many areas we really can contribute to change.

And I really love the parts with “bloopers”, that they dont cut them away, but are so brave to include the awkward moments, not being "politically correct" or perfect edited, but just raw and real and stunned. All the “wow”s, “really”s, “that's so good”s and “no way”s, made me smile and feel recognition, because I feel those are really valid reactions on being surprised, lost for words, amazed or blown away. No written, polished, boring script. This is new for them, and when things are new, breathtaking or impressing, they get lost for words, and leave the integration and digestion of the sight, feeling and experience hanging in the air, and then it's up to the people watching to do what we will with the information. It doesn't matter that the interviews aren't “deep” and “professional”, they're human, intuitively from the heart, and they reached and touched me on a soul level; all these beautiful soul meetings with people we never knew about, getting a voice through this series, showing their passion, effort and love for what they're doing and to the Earth. And how they all seem so like family together, and again, down to earth.

It really made me want to pull myself out of the couch and start doing something nice for our (still) green Mother, and hopefully you will get inspired too;.. Even if it's only growing vegetables in your own backyard, planting a green wall, recycle, cleaning up the trash outside your doorstep, supporting local farmers, go barefoot, inspiring children to play more and explore more in nature, harvesting wild plants instead of buying some fast food crap, giving a hug or listening to a friend in pain, writing a post on organic fairtrade food or to help a neighbor who is sick with shopping or vacuuming. It doesn't matter what it is, big or small, just that it comes from an pure place in our hearts and souls, and people will feel the change, Mother Earth will feel the change and shift in human energy, the love and that hope is rising. And since everything really just is energy, we will come a long way if we have people on the heart frequency, giving a voice to love-energy and down to earth grounded actions-energy. All you need is sincere love, and all good things grows from that eternal seed. Without light and love our world wouldn't exist, so since were still here (chillin…), it means that there are still both love and light present in bigger amounts than we would think. Evil might win some battles, but love wins in the end……….

I think when life gets hard, meaningless or traumatic, its easy to start longing for or get stuck in the imagination of "over the rainbow"-happiness. But seriously, have you taken a real deep, close look on all the beauty, abundance, food, creatures, flowers, trees, and magical life UNDER the rainbow; its ON the Earth all the colors are for REAL, and life is for real, waiting for you to taste, smell, hear, touch and explore. Loose yourself in the natural beauty of Mother Earths green arms so she can guide you home again<3


If you want your children to be inspired to help Mother Earth, that may be too young to watch or understand "Down to Earth", Zac Efron many years ago also lended his voice to another Earthkeeper, a young boy Ted, in the animation-movie LORAX - a wise "take care of our Earth before its to late"-movie for children (AND grown-ups!).

LORAX - 10 min preview:

LORAX - "How bad can I be?"

Many of the characters in the film live in Thneedville......"Noun. thneed (plural thneeds) A useless product which is advertised as being needed by everybody, but which in fact no one needs"........But The (REAL) Need we all have is a healthy, fertile, peaceful earth to walk on.......

Change is a personal choice.......

LORAX - "Let it grow":

I remember my son loved that movie when he was younger. He had seen it with some friends in childrens school and asked me if we could buy it because; "mommy, you will love it!". I looked on the cover, and it just felt silly. YEP! I judged it by its cover. I really didnt feel it by looking at it, at all. And I found that so weird and sad, cause back then my son and I always fell for the same heartwarming films, often with a deep message to them. But this one, no, I wasnt convinced. A small, orange fury creature with a far too big mustache......being the protector of the trees...unreal looking sugarcandy trees without leaves......that just seemed like a very weird, stupid script. And I didnt know anything about Dr Seuss and "his world", so I thought it would just be a waste of time. But my sons big beautiful, begging eyes, made me buy the movie anyway. We watched it that night, and I ended up singing and crying.........There you go! DONT JUDGE WHEN YOU HAVE NO CLUE!!!!!! So it turned out my wise, little son knew me better than myself. I loved the script and the characters. SO MUCH WISDOM! And the trees, well we kind of found them in real life too. Or I guess, at least, Dr Seuss inspiration to the trees.....So I smiled while walking in nature the other day, in a rainy field, there they were again, maybe not trees, and maybe not so colorful, but the shape end energy you cant question.....and they reminded me about the day when I almost let something valuable go, because of its cover.......

"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better. Its not."

Dr Seuss, Lorax

Myrull (Cottongrass) - Our Norwegian "LORAX-tree":