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Rose Spirit Medicine

Healing power within



In the beginning of December, one of my co-workers called at me on my way home: "Lene, come look! Look at these beautiful, small pine-cones (She showed me a branch filled with them). They are so soft and cute. They are newborn pinecone-babies that I just found in the forest!" I smiled at her, and thought of the magic we all are and carry inside of us, how the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And she really saw the magic and beauty in these small creatures of the forest. "Before you go home", she said, "do you have a moment? "I always have a moment for love. Then she, in just a few seconds, took 3 of the pinecones, a Hyasinthflower (Hyacinth-medicine: is the flower who helps the integration of spiritual & earthly qualities and the development of inner hearing. They are used in the transformation of emotional darkness into the light of soul understanding; resurrection forces of soul triumph) and some moss and a golden thread and made this beautiful ornament. " Here you are", she said smiling, giving me the flower/pineconeornament; "Three magical pinecones for Cinderella!" she had stars in her eyes giving away her artwork. And when she was running to catch the buss, because she was late to an event, I offered me to drive her. And I saw the relief in her heart. And so simple and beautiful can magic be. We both got something made with love that day; I got this beautiful flowermedicine-ornament and she got a ride so she could catch her breath and didnt have to stress. Friendship. Kindness. Helping each other. Seeing each other. That is what this world, and especially Christmas to me is about. Reaching out and embrace, and spread the love and magic from our hearts. We all got it! Childlike magic. Use it for the good of all!

Merry Christmas! Happy Solstice! Transforming Yule!



"It is beginning to look a lot like (pink) Christmas...."

Christmas lights in sight!


"I light a Christmas candle

just for you;

may all the pretty dreams you dream come true,

l light a Christmas candle

cause I believe

miracles will find a way somehow

on Christmas Eve."

(Christmas Candle Song)


Inviting the spirits to the table!


Dear Deer-Spirit - symbol of love, peace and innocence.


Pine Cone Spirit - symbol of eternal life and inner awakening and enlightment, releasing old guilt and building solid, genuin selfesteem from the heart to speak your truth.

(Underneath the pine cone I have re-used old ribbons of linen from presents<3)


Wolf-spirit - symbolize courage and strenght. Helps you to trust your instincts and awakening your integrity, loyalty and personal freedom. 


Dining in, organic of course.....


Grateful for being able to cook homemade, pure food! 


Rocking around the Christmas-pudding.....

Remember to cherish and appreciate the spirit of gnomes, santa, elves and all their magical helpers....


My homemade. organic ricepudding with oatmilk and coconutsugar and my raw, red berry sauce<3


On Christmas Day, the 25th of December, I went to, among others, my beloved stonecircle and hang out with my magical stone-people-friends in grattitude, sorrow and joy..


Christmas day at the shore,

salty air and sunlight through my core<3


In the star of stones;

I unite with the light while grounding with my bones.



1) The Stone of Faith/Believing (in miracles, pure magic and healing)


2) The Stone of Lightfilled Hope (Inner Peace)


3) The Stone Of Love (The Truth) - Your Essence and True Humble Power


Heavenly Christmas-tree filled with natural inner light<3