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Rose Spirit Medicine

Healing power within




So THIS happened this Christmas. It turned RED!!!! Never ever had a red Christmas before. I know it sounds strange for all you "red-Christmas-people", but when I grew up it was silver and gold. When I moved out from home it became lilac and silver, and when I became a singel-mom many many years ago, the Christmas turned pink and gold. And I love pink Christmas with my whole heart and soul. But this year my son asked for a red Christmas. I love my son, and I love that he is not afraid to asked for what he wish for, and if that is what it takes to put him in Christmas mood, of course he could get a red Christmas!

It became a lot harder than I thought, though. All the pink Christmas-decorations that I love putting up and all the memories and beautiful traditions that comes with it, became stored away in their boxes. They seemed so sad and left alone in the dark. It actually hurt for some time. But then my son said; "You have Christmas-spirit and Christmas-magic the whole year, mummy, so I guess it is not about the Christmas-decoration-color, but the color of your heart". He is so sweet<3 And it is so so true. I have a pink heart, and it is pink all year long, and that never goes away despite the colors of my surroundings, and now I actually have started enjoying having some red colors "splashed around" our home. So Christmas is Christmas, also this year; magical, wonderful, peaceful, healing and joyous. My son was so, so happy decorating the tree just the way he wanted.


Many years ago my son sewed his own Christmas-stocking, and it is prepared for use also this years and so adorable cute!

Thats Christmas to me


Our local flower-shop always manage to spread the joy and spirit of Christmas through their inspiring decorations, so it is a tradition every Christmas to take a "walk-about" and get lost in their magical atmosphere!


Rudolph is ready to train his son for next years Christmas-gift deliveries<3


The brave, beautiful and powerful rose that survives any winter;

the Christmas-Rose; Hellebore<3


This is how the Fir-tree decorate itself for Christmas<3

Keep it simple - Keep it natural and original!


Like so many of you, I also lost one of my jobs this year since my workplace had to shut down because of the world situation and there was not enough money to keep us. Luckily I had my own business to "cling to", but then I had to close that one too, because of regulation from the government regarding hands-on-treatments during the worst months. My own business I could go back to luckily, after these months, but there was a deep sorrow of loosing my other job, because of my collegaues, the meaningful job itself and of course a big loss of income. But there is some comfort in knowing that I was not alone. So many are in the same situation, and it could always been worse.....And I have been really poor before, not being able to afford celebrating Christmas, and know I can deal with that as well, so it did not put me out, but made me creative and inspired to find new ways to overcome the situation.

And to day I got to be Santa for friends and people in need (If you didnt think Santa could be a girl, you better watch out, or at least watch the new wonderful Disney Movie "Noelle"

Things are changing also in the Santa Universe!). So so beautiful to use the day before Christmas Eve to deliver presents and "chat" with people who is alone at Christmas, in deep pain and poverty, to laugh and smile together, even though at some "regulated"distance, to give love, to share, to feel together.

Every year we have this tradition of giving some money to a yearly chosen charity-cause that me and my son agree on, so also this year, even though it was not much we could afford, I know every penny count for people that has nothing at all! And where I live we also have this beautiful organization that collect Christmas-gifts from everyone who wants to contribute, so they can give it to people that cant afford Christmas because of poverty or to homeless drug-addicts. You can give as few or as many presents you like and/or you can buy a meal for 80 NOK (under 10 dollar) for a person to get a big Christmas dinner and dessert. And then they arrange a Christmas-celebration for the suffering people two days before Christmas so they wont be alone the whole Christmas through. So beautiful initiative, my heart soars, so we love wrapping in some extra gifts to unknown people, knowing they will be wrapping them up later, feeling our love and compassion for them through the presents. So I was out 7 hours today and was totally exhausted afterwards, so much love, gratitude, magic.....much needed LIGHT all over the place!

So when I came home, the Norwegian song "Gje meg handa di ven", came to me. I LOVE that song, so tender and heartfelt, beautiful lyrics and melody performed by two of Norways "strongest" voices. It is used for Christmas as well, even though it is not a typical Christmas song or -carol. But it came so strongly to me, that I immediately sat down and translated it into English. I feel the message is so describing for 2020, so by translating it, you can get the essence of the lyrics even if you are from an other country. I took some artistic freedom in my translation, so it is not translated word for word, and I made it a little bit softer to be more like a lullaby-version. I will post the original with our beloved artist so you can hear the real deal in Norwegian, because that is when it is most "goosebumpy" and authentic. And then you can use my version just to understand the content<3

Original version in Norwegian:

"Gje meg handa di ven!"


When wrapping gifts, I always use ribbons that is easy to take of and can be reused by the receiver to minimize the waste. The same goes for the flower-decorations of the gifts. I also make my own name-tags; instead of buying them, I use paper with color or pattern, that I already have in the house for creative projects and cut them into hearts, circles or rectangles.


It is also lovely to recycle ribbons, paper and decorations from the gifts other people give to you. This is one above was one of the gifts that I got for Christmas this year; wrapped with silk-ribbon decorated with cinnamon-bark, fresh fir-tree-branch and a pink-lilac glossy ribbon.


After opening the gift, I put the silk-ribbon on our Christmas-tree and took rest of the decoration and put it in the candle-light-heart-holder. Use what you have - Re-use what you get; Easy-peasy-Christmas-recycle-decoration<3


My son made organic spelt Christmas-cakes this year<3


This year I made almost every Christmas-present myself, homemade with love<3 I have made my own 100% natural, organic skincare for over 10 years since I do not want chemicals on my skin, and I want to take care of the Earth!!!!I like to know whats in my products, and I also want them to be so pure you can eat them, since 65-70% of everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, organs and cells and often accumulates in our bodies as toxins. And remember; your skin is your biggest organ and your immune-systems 1. line of defense, so you really do not want to weaken your skin-cells/immune-system with chemicals, you want them to be strong, healthy and prepared, so your 2. line of defense do not even have to be bothered, if you stop the intruders with healthy skincells and PH, mucus membranes and flickering hair before they "enter the cave"......

There is something truly sacred about formulating and composing recipes for skincare, sourcing for organic pure ingredients/raw materials and deal with serious, honest suppliers with heart and soul for Mother Earth and nature, make everything by hand and even make my own labels and layout. So I can truly say that these are totally homemade!

Since so many here have struggled with eczema, itchiness, allergies and really dry skin after all the washing and hand-sanitizers, people asked me to make them natural creams/lotions/balms and soaps. So I did, I formulated 24 different products (4 for men and 20 for of course all the products can be used by everyone<3). They became wonderful pure, healthy presents. 

You can find the 24 products here:

and photos of many of the products here:


I also found it to be a perfect year to take one of my online-courses "Flower Spirit Medicine - Soulhealing through the wisdom of flowers volume 1"and make it into a book and cards with assignments, affirmations and soulhealing questions and give it away as Christmas -presents to friends and family. So wonderful with all this digital-programms that make you do so much creative yourself<3 It turned out so well, that I decided to print more to make the course in book-form instead of just online.

If you are interested in the book/cards please contact me here:


My son and I also put together some "Organic Christmas-Survival-Kit"s<3 A Mindfullness-book with relaxing evening-meditations to combat anxiety and fear, organic cotton face-masks, homemade relaxing footbath/bathsalt and homemade immune-boosting/detoxing footbath/bathsalt, organic handcream with aloe-vera (without perfume, petroleum-based/mineraloils, DEA, syntetic colors, BHT etc), organic handsoap with aloe vera (without SLS, perfume, parabens, toxic additives etc), organic hand sanitizer based on organic plant-derived alcohol instead of alcohol derived from petrochemicals (that you find in most sanitizers), Immunsupporting ayurvedic herbs "influguard, and organic immunboosting drinks (ginger/lemonshot and local organic blueberry-juice)!

Lovely organic people doing lovely, organic stuff:


"50 faces - 50 stories"

THIS is so cool and beautiful!!!! Photographer Henriette F Time has taken 50 portraits (developed the old fashion way in a dark room) of 50 people from Rogaland/Norway during a period of time, and together with Rudi Aadland (wrote all their stories) and Camilla S Fasting made an outdoor art-project in Stavanger this year. I was there on one of my favorite days; the 13th of December, St Lucias Day/The festival of the light, and it was so beautiful to see it in the night, with all the Christmas-lights lightening up the place and the wind howling around the corners. So many heartfelt, heartbreaking stories from real people open up their hearts to be vulnerable, sharing their lifes traumas and journey and how to find hope and rise again!!!! They wanted to focus on that all our individual stories are a part of the collective story, that we are all unique and valuable in our society and we need each other. Everyone count and belong. Their hope is that by sharing our stories, we will get a society filled with more compassion, understanding and empathy. The stories and pictures have also been released as a book<3



by Carolyn Jess-Cook

I love this book! I dont know how many times I have read it since I bought it many, many years ago, and read it again this Christmas. An amazing book about a woman who dies at 40 and is sent back to Earth as her OWN guardian angel to go through her life all over again; to see what really happened to her and made her do what she did, made her make the choices she did and take the path she took. There is only one catch; she is not allowed to change anything about her story. She must just observe her life and try to learn from it, and must try to find it in her heart to protect and love herself unconditionally through everything she went through and heal her past life.

Highly recommended to take with you into 2021<3


Preparing for tonight, New Years Eve<3

Wood from Birch-tree for bonfire to keep us warm outside, my freedom-drum to ground and connect with the pulse of Mother Earth and my belly-dance-skirt from my belly dancing days to dance the childlike, joyous, creative, feminine power into 2021. Just because we are few and the celebration might be different this year, does not mean that we cant have fun<3

Be creative with what you have and whom your with, and make it a night and a celebration to remember your own original way!

"THANK YOU 2020 for all the insight, wisdom and lessons learnt. So much healing and light in dark times, so much magic evolving out of the tragic. So many people coming out of their caves shining their medicines, compassion, love, creativity and hope to the world and the future. So many silenced warriors raised their voice for the first time this years, speaking up for something they believe in and supporting important causes. I am so proud of you! I am grateful for the school of life teaching me to respect and align with my true nature and co-create with the Earth and all her beautiful beings on a new, remarkable level.

2020 - I embrace you as a valuable year in my book of life. I will never forget you; you are for ever in my heart, soul and bones as a transformative year of deep insights, of detoxing old patterns and pain and gaining renewed power<3 Rest in peace, power, love-endlessly, R.I.P.P.L.E, and make ripple effects in our souls so we never forget this experience and our search for true freedom, holistic balance and natural health<3

Power to the magical creation of light, love and healing!"

(Lene Rose Copyright)

The beautiful, comforting, tender, shock-healing Star of Bethlehem flower


Tonight I light 4 pink candles (the 4th candle is behind the angels back:-)); 2 for the past and 2 for the future:

1) For all the beautiful souls in every corner of the world who left us this year in suicide, murder, sickness, birth-traumas, hunger, accidents......Thank your for everything you gave and everything you were. You are dearly loved and deeply missed<3 R.I.P.P.L.E! This candle is also a light of hope in the dark for all of you that lost your jobs, your income or home<3

2) For all the insane, magical, heavy shadow-work, healing-work and light-work done by so many souls this year and all the humanitarian work and compassion for people in need. Great work, be proud of yourselves<3

3) For a brighter future for our beautiful Mother Earth that still in her suffering, provides us with food, shelter and natural medicines; might she continue to regenerate, heal and transform into wholeness, balance and pure health to future generations.

4) For the awakening of the wild souls and nature hearts in every one of us; must the light and love there awaken the rainbow-warrior in you to stand up for justice and peace and guide you to live an authentic life in balance with nature and its creation, creatures and cycles.

Walk in earthly peace, natural pure love and humble power<3


I hope you dance into 2021....


Welcome light<3


A magical transition<3



Happy New Year<3