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Rose Spirit Medicine

Healing power within

# wieldingpeace


is not something you only wish for.

Its something you make,

something you do,

something you are,

and something you give away.

"We did not come here to fight and kill each other,

but to love and heal together.

The world is a garden and we are all gardeners.

We have the power to make peace and harmony grow

and create paradise on Mother Earth."

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

Real and raw unedited musings about inner peace, magic and value,

and the power we have to change our inner and outer world.


The spirit-realm has received one more magical, beautiful, irreplaceable, shining soulstar to lighten up for us left in the earthly realm to see clearer in the dark the path of love.

Thank you Cameron, for making the physical world even more soulfilled, heartfelt, beautiful, colorful creative and humble then before you arrived. You are truly an inspiration<3


"There’s one more star in heaven... it doesn’t make sense and words are hard to come by during times like these. A few small things I think the world should know. Cams inspiring energy and incredible talent allowed for him to accomplished more in his 20 years on Earth than many people do in a lifetime. A performer, mentor, philanthropist, friend, brother, son. This kid always had a smile on his face. One of the kindest humans I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and the privilege of working with. He approached life with humor, joy, passion and astonishing talent. He was a mentor, spending hours and hours working with goof balls like me to make sure I knew what I was doing filming the dance and sword fight numbers in D2 and D3, and a friend. He raised thousands for clean water non profits in Africa and always had time for fans. Cameron loved his family and spoke ill of no one. It’s tragic saying goodbye to a friend who had so much ahead of him... Rest easy brother. We love you and we miss you ❤️"

(Dylan Playfair, instagram)

Camerons co-star in Descendants, Kristin Chenoweth (as Maleficent) says:

" I remember that we were rehearsing, rehearsing and rehearsing, and that kid never ran out of energy." And I said "You are like a hummingbird. You never stop." She was in Las Vegas when she heard about Cameron passing over during his sleep. When she got the sad news, something magical happend: "What do you think flew by me? A hummingbird! I thought, Ok Cam, I got you!"

(People Magazine/Kristin Chenoweth)

Cast of Descendants 3 on loosing Cameron Boyce

Disneychannels tribute to Cameron Boyce:

Cameron Boyce remembered at the 10th annual thirst project gala

Cameron Boyce interviewing himself

Descendants 2 cute interview with Cameron and Thomas

Descendants 2 cast interview about their characters

Pioneering Spirit Award Thirst project Cameron Boyce

Descendants 3; "Good to be bad"-song.

Behind the scenes Descendants 3:


There is nothing more peaceful, healing or magical to me than flowers....they also comfort....they always bring hope....they always manage to lift my mood......I always feel loved and valuable around them......and they are a beautiful gift to everyone you love or want to show your love to.

So why did I choose the images of crystals, flowers and a pine-cone and just my hand to contribute to #wieldingpeace? Because I think our hands are so so so amazingly powerful. Have you ever thought about all the things you do with your hands - every day?

You shower, you go to the bathroom, you comb your hair, you shave, you put on makeup, you make food, you eat food, you drive or take your bike to school or work, you write, your on social media, you play instruments, you paint, you read, you dance, you carry shoppingbags, you go to the gym, you open and closes windows and doors, you wash up etc, you know all these daily routines you maybe dont think about that you use your hands for, if you are lucky enough to have hands or to have hands that aren`t filled with inflammation and jointpain etc.

Your hands also have an other role:

You can shake another persons hand and greet them, or you can show them you finger and ask them to piss of.

You can embrace someone in a big hug, or you can place your hands up in front of you to shield and protect your.

You can attack a person and start a fight with your bare hands or you can pull your hands back and say "No, I dont want to fight you!".

You can hold and comfort your child with your hands, or you can hit it or hand it over to someone else.

You can wield a gun in your hand and pull the trigger, or you can put you weapon down and wave the white flag for peace.

Our hands are connected to our arms which again is connected to our chest and heart-space, so what comes from our hands is a message from our hearts to the world. You can choose your message to the world with being aware of how you use and appreciate your hands in you daily life.....

Please use your hands wisely and creative.

Take the hand of someone in need or someone you love.

Reach out a hand for someone lying down so they can rise again.

Show people the peaceful way.

Give love with your hands, and receive love.

Together we can wield peace with our hands and hearts and

create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

That is so powerful and magical.

It is all in ours and your own hand.

You choose!


To me crystals are a piece of peace.....when I was a little girl, when I was hurt and sad or stressed, I took myself out to the beach and collected sand and stones and put them in a jewellery box....I also had this magical place on an island where we went with our boat, a quarry where I could sit the whole day looking and digging for clearquarts-crystals that was blown out of the mountain....afterwards I felt so peaceful, healed and I had been on an vacation for months... and ready to meet the world from a pure, childlike heart:-)


The forest is for-rest..... tranquility...serenity....bliss.....healing......peace......This pine-cone to me, is holding so much magic and peace. Among many things it is food for animals, it is a hideaway and shelter for small bugs hiding for birds and the wind and rain, it is built up of seeds for new trees to grow up and produce oxygen and give us life, and they are lovely natural decoration to our christmas-trees and to flower-decorations on our tables........they are life-giving and creative at the same time.


"Never forget who you are in your essence.....

.you are born from the stars,

which again is born from the sunlight....

you are love, light and eternal life in your essence......

protect that wisdom and truth deep within your heart, and radiate that into the world."

(Lene Rose Copyright)


The Power of peace

If peace was a choice,

would you choose it?

You see, it is!

A choice.

Every day you can choose peace.

It`s up to YOU.

It`s so simple!

It is inside of you.

A huge part of who you are.

When did you forget?

Choosing peace,

what would be the worst thing

that could happen?

What if it would feel like coming home

to yourself?

A warm, secure, sacred, loving embrace.

Would it be Worth it?

Peace in the world

begins with peace in your heart.

I know,

it can feels like an unfair responsibility.

But it is truly a gift.

It`s a great POWER that has been given to you.

You can really make a difference.

You are capable of changing the world!

To make the world a better place.

Step by step

Every day.

If you choose to....

Start with making peace with your own heart.

Listen to it,

and dare to receive all the love it has for you.....

You see,

there is this beautiful, unconditional source of love

right inside of you,

just waiting to unfold.

Blossom into peace

with grace and grattitude.

And you will see and feel who you truly and deeply are;

You are love.

And you are loved.

(Lene Rose, Copyright)



If you are always busy and chaotic

and never keep your feet on the ground,

how can you feel the beat and the wisdom of the Earth?

Always remember;

If you don`t live in a bubble,

it won`t burst......

And you will live happily ever after,

always as your true self

- in peace -

even in a storm!

Because you are grounded, protected and safe

by Earth.

You can fall from the sky, but never from the ground.

Mother Earth is always there. Underneath you.

Loving you, caring for you and nuturing you.

Like a mother for her child.

Because that`s har selfchosen task.

It`s up to you if you want to receive her gifts....

To be genuine happy and healthy

you have to be true to your heart;

It`s from the heart that all life grows from.

The heart in the body is like the seed in the soil.

Dare to watering your dreams and breathe in life.

It`s really nothing else that matters......

Bloom in whatever direction you want,

the important thing is that you are blooming!

It will serve everyone - including yourself.

So please, don`t let the weed strangle you!

It is not really stronger than you;

- just lost, lonely and scared -

and often misusing poison trying to protect itself.

Use instead your own inner strenght, your good forces,

your warmth, your love,

embrace life and dare to be happy.

And you will feel true serenity in your heart....

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

"I have never been particular religious,

but I have recently acknowledged

the universe and its crazy powers,

and that will probably fluctuate

for the rest of my life!"

(Cameron Boyce)

Cherokee Blessing

"May the warm winds of heaven

blow softly on your home,

and the great spirit bless all who enter there.

May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows,

and may the rainbow always touch your shoulder."

May you always have an angel<3