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Rose Spirit Medicine

Healing power within


For my offerings, pricing, to contact me or book a treatment/course with me, please go to



I am so very grateful that you are here, and my hope is that you will find new insight, be inspired and discover some creative and natural tools to use on your own healing-journey towards peaceful, powerful and happy wholeness.

You are of course also more than welcome to book an appointment with me if you need someone to sort out thoughts and feelings with; who listens with an open heart and mind, if your feeling down, exhausted, confused, sad, stressed out or caught up in a mental labyrinth, or if you just want to unwind, relax and get grounded through a massage, guided meditations, yoga or want to attend one of my courses:-)

All my life I have been an advocate for being authentic, to live your life as your true, beautiful inner self and radiate that grounded, humble power and light out into the world. I like to call it "to share your personal medicine with the world". Because everyone have something to contribute with and offer this planet, we are all dependent on each other to have a world in peace and balance, and we are all equal and unique. 


ONLY you can be the REAL version of you.

Thats your secret sauce<3"

(Lene Rose)

Sadly many of us is raised to "grow up in a box". We learn to behave a certain way, to talk a certain way, to look a certain way, to dress a certain way, to believe a certain way etc to be liked, accepted, "respected" and loved. In this process we often loose our personal magic, our inner range of colors and even lifeforce and joy for life. We give up bits and pieces of ourselves to fit into the mold. And one day we wake up and find ourselves in a life we dont like or dont wont to live. At this point many people start questioning who they are and why they are here......... We have become copies, rather than natural, rare, unique masterpieces. Many people feel an overwhelming pressure of demands and expectations, a lack of energy, meaning, purpose and value and might start developing depression, anxiety, neurosis, eating disorders, paranoia, mental, spiritual, emotional and physical exhaustion. And the self-esteem seems almost non-existent.

Scars to your beautiful

"No better you than you are"

For almost 20 years I have had the privilege of helping and guiding people in crises, pain and different life-struggles. I love when I can help people face and raise from trauma, rediscover their unique magic, inner child, rare beauty and personal power. Through deep, honest conversations, nature walks, forest bathing, soothing and nourishing herbs and flower-essences, organic food, exercises, meditations and massages I help people watering the seed of personal inner growth and evolution, healthy self-love, new hope and to find meaning in life once again. I am here to help you start embracing and loving the body and skin you are natural in and start creating the life you want, colored by your personal inner values. To make peace with your past, stand proud on your own two feet in this world, love yourself as the rare individual you are, and make friends with life. It so beautiful to see clients awaken their dormant inner fighter AND peacemaker, start raising their voice for their truth and justice, setting healthy boundaries, acknowledging and giving love to their traumas and wounds to heal and start blooming inside out despite what has happened in their life in the past. To be able to follow someone on that magical journey is for me one of the greatest gift of all - and a sacred trust.

Wish you all the best on your lifes journeys.

I am here if you need me as a support along the road of stepping out of the shadows and creating yourself as a beautiful, valuable, unique being of light:-)

Light, love & natures flowerpower

Lene Rose